Are you ready to go on a Summer Holiday with Red Bus Bingo? Hurry up and hop on board, because we have saved you a seat and the driver is waiting outside your house to take you on the best online bingo journey you will go on all year. Ding ding! First stop — the beach. We’re going to be playing the Bucket and Spade game, which has been taking place every Saturday throughout August. Each week, the jackpot grows by £200; currently it is at £800, and tickets cost just 8p.

Last game is on Saturday, 28 August, where the jackpot reaches £1000. Best hurry up and catch it before the tide comes in and washes all that lovely money away. The fun never ends at Red Bus Bingo every Sunday night, they put on entertainment courtesy of the Red Bus Coats (see what they did there?) Head for the Club House, where you could win a guaranteed £50 in cash. These games take place every Sunday at 9:45 PM until 29 August. Tickets cost just 1p why does summer have to end when it brings such amazing offers like this?

And it’s time to put on a sensible pair of shoes and a light jacket we are off for a stroll down the to seafront. The three players who call house the most on the sun and water patterns, and also the number five will win their share of £60 in bingo points that is going to get you an awful lot of goes on the arcade machines! So, it’s time to get to Red Bus bingo now here it comes chugging down the road let’s hop on board now for our free bingo bonus.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on August 19, 2010