It seems that all you see lately is bad news when it comes to bingo halls. But finally here is some great news! Gala Bingo halls are planning to open another hall. This one will be placed in Farnborough and is part of a redevelopment that is going on in town. Though there really isn’t a ton of information about this, it is fabulous news. It’s not sure just how many people will be able to fit into this hall when it is opened. It is part of a regeneration of the overall area in the Farnborough town centre area. The project itself will run them around 80 million GBP, but it will be one fabulous set up. Including some shops, bars and facilities. This is for the overall redevelopment of the centre. One that will add in restaurants, a new cinema, and even a Sainsbury’s market. The bingo hall is set up to be above the supermarket, hoping the location will be a perfect spot for many people to visit.

Hopefully this is a sign of the times to come and that we may be nearing the end of these hard economic times. Because people need to be able to enjoy things in life, and this will be one fabulous way that people in this location can have some fun. Now if it was only this easy for some establishments to set up and operate in the US well life would be much better. But we all know that the gambling laws here are so convoluted that no one ever knows what is okay and what is illegal. Perfect example is those online bingo halls that could open if only allowed in Alabama. Helping those folks enjoy some really fun times, and have some jobs too!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on March 27, 2010