Jackpot JoySo many places to play and so little time to figure out where the best offers are at. Well you have some of the best in guaranteed games at Jackpot Joy Bingo and the games are giving away a total pot of 50,000 pounds! That’s a great deal and it’s going on right now at Jackpot Joy Bingo and lasting until December 26th. You have a bit of time to be able to play in those wonderful games and maybe even walk away with a fantastic amount of money.

Go over to that Bingo Royale room and not only will you be playing for pretty nice sized jackpots, but you won’t be paying much for tickets either. Like the games for a 20 pound prize will cost you 10 p each ticket. Or when you want to play for a pot that is worth 50 pounds you will need to pay 25 p each ticket. And you have 100 pound jackpots where you will pay just 50 p each ticket and even a fantastic 200 pound jackpot where tickets will run you 1 pound each.

If you’re a person who loves to play those Casino games you still have a chance to get in on that Casino Race promotion that last until December 22nd. Play those games and you may find yourself with an share of 300 pounds in your account, if you’ve wagered the most money on that day among the members of the site!

Don’t forget that the next two Fridays are special at this site as well. Get into that Jackpot Network room and play for a prize of 5,000 pounds on both the Fridays. The tickets are only 50 p each and you will be able to get up to a total of 36 of them. Plus on Boxing Day they’ve upped the jackpot to 10,000 pounds!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on December 22, 2010