If you want to have a fun time playing some team bingo, Virgin bingo is the place for you to play. Not only do they focus on some great team activities, but they have given you a shot at winning 1,000 GBP by playing some on their bingo squadron promotion that is going on right now. You might want to get there as quickly as possible to be part of this fantastic chance. In order to play in this promotion you will have needed to buy 10 pounds in bingo tickets before March 30th. So hopefully you have done that already to set up your team and have a chance at that prize money!

The nice thing is that if you are a member of Virgin bingo already and have met this requirement they will place you on a team automatically. So if you aren’t sure about how much you’ve spent, check it out you could already be part of a team. There will be ten players on each team. Five days will be what you have to play bingo and earn up those V points for your team. The team who has the most points is going to pull away that great prize of 1,000 GBP. Not bad for only playing a bit of bingo! Earn those points by playing all the games for cash at Virgin Bingo, and help your team get that win! Check out Virgin Bingo for all their other fine online bingo promotions if you are not a member already and have missed out on the chance for this team offer. You will surely find something else to do and be able to participate in upcoming events that they have!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on April 1, 2010