Giggle Bingo is a fabulous online bingo site to go to if you want to have a lot of fun. Not only are there plenty of promotions, but they have some really great offers that are just the normal every day thing at Giggle Bingo. Take for instance the bingo ball for life. This is a great chance to keep a number that you will have as long as you are a member of Giggle Bingo. If that number comes up you may find that you have plenty of money, up to 50,000 GBP more in your pocket!

When you sign up with Giggle Bingo you need to let them know what you’re lucky number is going to be. This will be something that will stick with you the full time you are a member at Giggle. So pick a great number, something that has always brought you luck and will hopefully bring you even more luck too! If you don’t have a number that you feel is lucky there is a quiz that you can take that will help you figure out the best number to use!

So get ready to hope that you hit for that full house on your lucky number in either the 75 ball or 90 ball rooms that you find at Giggle Bingo. You may find that you have an extra 50,000 GBP in that account and that would be something great. But of course you have to remember what your number is and that you need to have something that is in the 75’s if you are playing in the 75 ball room! Giggle Bingo offers many other promotions as well. So why not head over right now and sign up, check out that promotions tab to see what else you have a chance to win too!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on July 3, 2010