Did you know how much money they give away in a week at Tombola Bingo? I bet you will be surprised, I know I was. Each week it is in the amount of 3 million pounds that they will give away to those people who win. What a very fantastic amount of money and for all those lucky winners it’s really great news. Not really a new site, but not one that has been around for that long either. They have been an online site for the past two years. Offering not only some really great prizes and jackpots. But many different games to play. Plus a bingo community that is full of great people you can get to know.

As a great example of all the things that are offered at Tombola Bingo just last week is one example. During the Big Link promotion a total of 70,000 GBP was given out. And that is only for one of the promotions that they have going. That game though when the players participated in it, there was 2,000 GBP that would be given away every thirty minutes. So if you like playing for some serious money and having fun you need to head on over to Tombola Bingo and check them out. They will be giving away a bonus on your first deposits that will double the amount you put down. If you want to know about all their other fantastic games and offers just head on over and check out the bingo promotions page. It will tell you everything you need to know to have a chance at getting your share of the 3 million pounds that is given away each week there.

Play Tombola Here if you live in the UK; If you live outside the UK; Play at Gone Bingo

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on January 19, 2010