Melina Bingo Sign up Bonus and PromotionsOk well its thanksgiving in the US and most US facing sites are giving players smashing bonuses but we haven’t forgotten that players from Europe, Down Under and of course the UK aren’t celebrating today so we thought we might as well updated you on the latest bingo promotions happening at the most popular UK bingo sites although theres nobody stopping you from playing at any of the US facing sites if you dont mid playing in Dollars; Anyhow here’s how it starts today with the hottest bingo promotions we found around searching for bingo online:

Not only does Bet365 Bingo offer you a lot of deals and fun, but well you get an amazing bonus to start with. On a first deposit you can earn a whopping 500 percent matching offer from Bet365. That’s a ton of money that you can start with on your account for very little out of your own pocket!

It’s easy to stay on top of the offers that happen all week long at this fabulous bingo site too. All you have to do is check out the top corner in the right hand side of your screen and you’ll see that tab that says Promotions. Click on that and you’ll be up to date very quickly on all those fabulous offers that will be happening not only that day, but the rest of the week!

Try your chance at that Dream Ticket Bingo offer where you may be able to win a share of the National Lottery. That is a big win that you may well be able to earn by just simply opting in to the choice and earning a free ticket when you play bingo games. But that isn’t all that is offered at Bet365 Bingo, though it is a huge offer.

They have those Bingo Linx games that come up and where you will be able to have a shot at winning 10,000 pounds. Each day at Bet365 Bingo they have 8,000 pounds that will be up for you to win in just three games. At noon you have a shot at 1,500 pounds, then at 6 pm there will be a game for 2,500 pounds and finally at 10:30 you may be able to win 4,000 pounds.

Also be sure to check out all those other fabulous offers you find at Bet365 Bingo when you’re a member.

Win no matter what at Mirror Bingo

Have you ever been in a situation that no matter what you won? Well that is what is being offered at Mirror Bingo this week. You will be guaranteed a win each day of the week, and this promotion is something that will be going on until November 28th. So don’t miss out on a shot to win no matter what while playing online bingo!

There are a few requirements that you will need to meet to play this no lose bingo at Mirror Bingo though. One is that you are going to have to log in each day during the promotion. Pretty simple right and no matter what you play it could be a quick little game or something else you will be up to win a daily prize. That prize could possibly be up to a nice 100 pounds in money!

After you’ve logged into your account just find that no lose bingo card and begin to play. You may find that you have won already. The money is going to be in your account in 72 hours after you’ve played too. But you need to make sure you log in each day of the week.

A great promotion from Mirror Bingo for those people who are already members of the site. But they have many other things to offer to you, so if you’re not a member yet, go over and join now. Though you may have missed this offer, you don’t have to miss any others. On that first deposit you’re going to get a match of 100 percent too!

Get over there now and if your already a member keep logging in each day and maybe you’ll be a winner of that daily prize!

Get themed games at Bingo on the Box

Each week in both the 90 ball rooms as well as the 75 ball bingo rooms you are going to find a different theme at Bingo on the Box. If you love those themes you’ll love this site for the many patterns and fantastic shots at many wonderful prizes and a lot of cash to be given out. Like that Mad Motorbikes promotion that is going on right now where you may be able to win an amount of up to 7,500 GBP. The days for this chance run from November 19th all the way until the 30th of November.

Along with that game you can also brush up on a bit of history about Harley-Davidson motorcycles along the way. The 75 ball rooms are going to have pattern games in the B-I-K and E patterns so head into that room if you love to play 75 ball bingo. Each time that you get a bingo you can also earn more BBz as well.

In that 90 ball room you will find more chances to take away even more cash and more BBz to your account. For each one line win you can get 1 BBz, two lines will earn you 2 BBz, and a full house will get you 3 BBz.

You will need to have an account at Bingo on the Box to play, but when you sign up you will get 15 pounds with no deposit needed. Plus when you do decide to place money on your account it will be matched by 300 percent and you will also get 60 BBz on your account. Plus other deposits in the future are going to get you 25 percent matches and 25 BBz!

Get your fill of games at Bingo Liner

No matter if you love to play bingo or would rather spend a bit of time playing slots, Bingo Liner is the spot for you to be. Because you can get 10 pounds just by signing up for an account, and you will also earn a free 200 slots spins too, all with no deposit having to be made! Take the time to look around and find out whether this is a spot where you want to play long-term and make that deposit. On which you will earn a match of 300 percent as well. Now that is a great deal and one that you will definitely love when you head to Bingo Liner; Offering many types of games that will keep you busy and having fun no matter what you feel like that day. Bingo Liner has many fabulous promotions and great tourneys and even several competitions that you will enjoy as well. To find out all the information about the special events you only need to check out the home page and pick a tab to look for more information.

Coming up on December 11th though is the Win a Ford Fiesta game that you may want to play in. Yes a chance to win a new car will be offered on that day and you will need to be a member of this site to enjoy this game. Tickets are only going to cost you 2 pounds each, and if you happen to get 5 cards you will be able to get another free 5 cards! A great deal and those tickets are on sale right now so go and buy them today.

Be sure to check out all the other fabulous daily offers that you can find at Bingo Liner too!

A load of deals at Giggle Bingo

Well you have just so many fabulous offers to talk about when you look at Giggle Bingo. You can really tell they are in the festive mood and ready to give out a bunch of cash and prizes! Things that include such promotions that just began at the beginning of November, Gobble Giveaway, GBP1500 Super Promo, Monthly Megapot, Deck the Balls, GBP3 880, Clowning around, and many other fabulous chances.

There are a number of ways that you can win when you play at Giggle Bingo and to see all those chances it best to head on over and see for yourself. Joining at Giggle Bingo will only take you a bit of time and well you can take part in all those wonderful promotions and more than what is listed above.

Even though November is almost over you still have time to enjoy the many November offers that are going on. Plus you have the next month to look forward to and even more offers from Giggle Bingo. It will be the month of Christmas and surely they will be giving away not only some shopping vouchers but so many other things that would be great to win.

So if you’re not a member of Giggle Bingo you might want to head on over and join up with them. Get your bonus on that first deposit and check out the many fabulous offers that are going on. You just never know when you might walk away with a huge win and have a lot of money in your account. Just think of what you could do with something so close to Christmas.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 25, 2010