Bingo Beez Halloween GamesWhat on earth has happened at Silk Bingo? This usually laid-back online bingo site has transformed itself into a hectic hellhole, with thunderbolts and lightning very very frightening, and the happy cheers of winners replaced by terrible screams.

Wait a minute. It’s Halloween, isn’t it? And Silk Bingo are inviting you to take part in their petrifying spooky tournament. Taking place over this whole weekend, it is your chance to snap up great gadgets and brilliant prizes, all for playing bingo as if the hounds of hell were after you, and also Frankenstein, Count Dracula, Freddy Krueger, and the little girl from Poltergeist.

If you are the Silk Bingo player to bingo the most in the 75 ball room, you will be rewarded with a Kenwood Food processor. If you win the most 90 ball bingo, you will be scooping a Digital Photo frame. Be the Silk Bingo players to deposit the most this weekend and you will find yourself bagging an iPod nano.

On top of that, there are George Foreman grills, pamper sets, Amazon vouchers and foot spas up for the taking, all in a Halloween themed environment where you take on the role of your favourite horror character. Bagsy Hellraiser!

Also at Silk Bingo this weekend, don’t forget to check out their famous Weekend Gazette — it’s packed to the brim with free bingo prizes, chat games and tournament details. If you like to play bingo online, there’s only one place to play — the gloriously silky, smooth Silk Bingo. You’re bound to have a monstrously good time.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on October 29, 2010