Break the Bank BingoThough you don’t have much time left for this first deposit bonus, it ends at the end of April you still may have enough time. It’s a shot to head off to Rio De Janeiro for 13 wonderful fun filled, sunny days! That’s right all you have to do is be a member of Break the Bank Bingo and make deposits during the month of April that total $250 dollars. Though it may seem like a lot, this trip would be worth that much to try your hand at being the lucky winner. Plus if you are able to make other deposits that equal $100 you can get more entries into that drawing for the trip!

Also up in another promotion is the chance to win a GPS Navigator or a Panasonic Home Entertainment system. Those are both up for grabs from the Easter Parade offer that they have going on. This promotion will go from April 2nd and last until April 30th. Again you may not have a ton of time, but you do have enough time to have a shot at these awesome prizes. To see the requirements go over to Break the Bank Bingo and check them out.

Referring friends will give you a nice bonus too. When you get 4 people to come and join you will be able to enjoy an extra 50 percent bonus on top of any deposit you make within 90 days. Plus you have cash splurge, where the first 25 people who place a deposit on their account and spend at least $50 playing will get $10 each month for the whole year!

With so many fantastic offers you should really take the time to get over and look around at Break the Bank Bingo today.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on April 21, 2011