Posh BingoForget dreaming about a baby oil bath with Brad Pitt, when you can be dreaming of winning £1 million with Posh Bingo. The Dreams of a Million game takes place every Friday at 10PM. If you manage to bingo in under a certain amount of calls, the money will be yours and even if luck isn’t on your side that night, there is still a guaranteed £500 jackpot. Get to Posh Bingo now to start pre-buying those tickets.

And while you are at it, you would be prudent to invest in a few tickets for the Posh Bingo Visual Feast game. What a way to see in the New Year — playing on Saturday, 1 January at 9:45 PM, you could be winning a 50 inch HD 3-D plasma TV, a 3-D Blu-ray DVD player, surround sound system and iPod dock.

Forget going down the local multiplex — you will have the neighbours queueing up in YOUR front room. Tell them to bring their own popcorn though.

Tickets are available to pre-buy right now at £1 each — think of it like doing your Christmas shopping in advance. It always helps to spread the cost when you prebuy.

Alternatively, Posh Bingo are giving you the opportunity to earn free cards to the game. You can earn them by doing a variety of fun things like this: tell Posh Bingo the ultimate film you would like to see in 3-D, and why, to earn 200 points. And in less than 100 words, tell them how much you would like to win the prize and why, to be rewarded with an extra 100 points.

You can always rely on Posh Bingo to make the prizes big, exciting and extravagant. So, forget sleeping off a hangover on New Year’s Day, you’ll be playing at Posh Bingo. Register now for your free bingo bonus and to discover the advantages of prebuying.

Dig up laptops and Playstations at Wink Bingo every Sunday

Spade? Check. Treasure map? Check. Parrot on shoulder? Well, he appears to have flown away, but don’t let that put you off getting to Wink Bingo every Sunday evening. In fact, you can start to pre-buy your tickets right now for the Hidden Treasures game which takes place at 9:15 PM under the prebuys tab. This is a classic Wink Bingo 75 ball game, and tickets cost just £1. With fantastic prizes up for grabs, it really pays to prebuy. In the past, Wink Bingo have given away laptops, Playstations, Dyson vacuum cleaners, digital cameras, LCD TVs and much, much more.

Its a highrolling prize lineup and one that you will be super-chuffed to win, and you don’t even have to put on a pirate accent in the chat room. Well, you can if you want — it’s all part of the fun.

Now you might not know this, but Wink Bingo is part of a group called the Joy of Bingo network. Along with Posh, Tasty, and Red Bus Bingo, they form the four jewels in the crown of the bingo online world. Every time you play at one of these sites, you accumulate free Joy Points, which can be converted into free bingo tickets for a quarterly £25,000 game.

This time round, it takes place at Red Bus Bingo on Christmas Day, and it’s a 90 ball game, meaning three winners are going to take home their share of 25K.

It’s a massive amount, and the perfect Christmas present, so get to Wink Bingo to read all about it, to pick up your free bingo bonus, and to find out about the Hidden Treasures game that takes place every Sunday.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 10, 2010