If you were expecting a completely new spot when you get to Lights camera Bingo you may not be that happy. However, it used to be Quiz Show bingo and they have now updated their site, changed the name, and hopefully created something that you will be able to enjoy. Though most of the games will be basically the same that you could have found on the old spot, they are saying that with this change there will now be more to offer to those bingo lovers who join this spot.

It will not be an immediate change because right now they are still showing the old name on the main page. However it will be something that will also allow you to use the same sign on that you had if you were a member of Quiz Show Bingo. However, if you have not yet become a member, you could join today, and see if they will really be changing the spot that much.

When looking for a new spot you normally love to stop at those that are completely new and will offer something different. Just because this is only a relaunch of basically the same spot with a different name, does not mean that it will not be a great spot to join.

In fact this is the best time to look at this new spot and see how much they have changed it around. There comment of more things offered could easily be something they would have changed. Giving you a new place to play your favorites games online and have a lot of fun while doing so. So check out the new Lights Camera Bingo spot today and see how much it differs from the old Quiz Show Bingo.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on September 19, 2011