mirror-300-250Head over to Mirror bingo and you have plenty of choices of online bingo games and many football promotions too. This will be going on through the entire months of June and into July. Well not the games you have those all the time at Mirror Bingo. But the football promotions are set up with the World Cup games that are going on. These are focusing on those ladies who are being ignored by their husbands who are watching the games.

If you are a member of Mirror Bingo and you place a deposit when England has a match, you will earn 100 percent match on that bonus. Plus when the match day happens they will also being having games that are worth 50 GBP that you can win. Head over to that Football Widows room that you will find in the 75 ball bingo rooms and be there at 7:30 pm for these games. Those will happen on every day except on this coming Wednesday because there is a match that England will be playing at 3 pm.

Also each time that the English team scores more money will be added into that pot too. So let’s hope for a lot of scoring because they will be increasing the pot by 50 GBP each score! That’s one of the best things that you can find about this fabulous promotion, well there are just too many too really list.

You can also earn some extra points this month by playing in that Bingo Room and watching out for the pattern games that are a football. When you bingo on those games you can get 3000 bonus points! Head over for the many fabulous promotions you will find at Mirror Bingo.

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 21, 2010