Giving back even more to their loyal members is what Moon Bingo is hoping to do with their new promotions. Not only are they starting to offer those people who play at Moon more, but they are giving some unique bonus offers to only people who are loyal to them and play often at Moon Bingo. Not that as a loyal member you really need a huge excuse to visit your favorite sites. But everyone will enjoy the fact that they can get more money if they play and are loyal! Just check out the code that you can see when you enter the lobby at Moon Bingo. It will be a code that will be updated each day so that gives you many chances to get more money on the money you place on your account!

Of course you will need to deposit a minimum of 20 pounds to get this offer, but that is a great deal when you figure you will have more than just your 20 on that account. Remember that Moon bingo already gives a bonus on reloads of 50 percent. So you can be looking at quite a bit of cash that will be added into your account.

Offering you more for your money is another way to look at this new bingo bonus scheme that they have added at Moon Bingo. The fact that they have plenty of fabulous games to play and keep you busy should be another point of why you would want to play each day you get a chance at Moon Bingo. So look into this new offer and keep track of those codes each day especially when you know you are getting ready to place more money on your account!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on May 8, 2010