More Christmas Bingo Promotions Coming UpShould it be that you can see Santa by playing at Sun Bingo, or that Sun is acting like Santa this year.  Though Christmas is not quite too close, they are still giving out a lot of wishes at Sun Bingo and well as the time gets closer the giving will most likely get to be even more!

Right now you have a shot to win 500 pounds playing at Sun Bingo and that money could well be used on Christmas shopping.  Or use it to take a holiday for the holidays even!  It would be up to you on what you want for the amount of money.  All you have to do is send the list to Sun Bingo though and make sure that it equals that amount of money and you may be picked to be the winner.

Of course you will also need to have spent at least 5 pounds on bingo games or a total of 20 pounds on slot games to get into the drawing as well.  But well you have a full week to get in on this shot.  From Monday November 22nd all the way until November 28th each day will give you a shot at getting more entries into the drawing.

Just imagine now what you will be able to do with that money if you are one of the lucky 10 people who get picked!  Yes that is right not just one winner but 10 will be chosen for this promotion!

Be sure to see what else is going on at Sun Bingo by looking to the bingo promotions page as well.  Here you can learn all you need to know about the great things that are going on at Sun Bingo.

Be Ready in December with Christmas Coming Up at William Hill Bingo

For the month of December the place of William Hill Bingo is a spot that you may be able to win a share of 50,000 pounds.  Now that is a lot of money, but you only have so long before you will miss all the qualification rounds for that money.  You have one more shot to get into the 50K Quali-flyers as they call it and well you want to make sure you don’t miss that, because if you do the chances of a share of all that money will have ended.

Get your tickets now and be ready to play because there are only a few more slots open to get into the finals.  See the last play off will be held the last Friday of the month, and well you need to make sure that you have been in one of the other games to make it to that round.  Of course you will win money on those bingo games too, but that big money won’t happen until this coming month.

There are plenty of other chances that they may bring up for a shot at that 50K finale, but you can never be sure when they may come up.  So getting into the games and winning your way in is a much better idea.  Don’t forget to check out all the other fabulous promotions that are going on right now at William Hill Bingo too.

To play in the promotions you are going to have to be a member of the site though so get over and join today.  Make sure you do it soon if you want to have a shot at all that money in the finale in December though!

Have a dinner Party on Tasty Bingo

Well you know that soon it will be time for many parties going on.  After all this time of the year is when you see a lot of parties going on, not only for Christmas, but New Years as well.  But what about just being able to enjoy a party and not have to worry about getting all dressed up?  Why not check out the party that will be going on at Tasty Bingo on New Year’s Day, the time that it will begin is 9:45 pm. 

Giving you enough time to have fully recovered if you went out the night before.  And still not have to get all dressed up for fun.  Play things like that Chefs hat pattern and you may win a nice saucy soiree from the team of Tasty Bingo.  That prize is going to be worth a nice 2,000 pounds too.  So well you may be able to have a huge party and one that will have a chef come to your home and serve a delicious meal.  That means you have three full courses of food and up to ten people that will be able to enjoy this fabulous party, all on them.

Tasty will even make sure that you have the proper china, linen, silverware and even some butlers at the party.  What a fabulous chance to win this and all the tickets are going to cost you will be 1 pound.  Again like most big offers you can collect some points and get free tickets to the bingo game too.

    Ways to earn points into the bingo games are the following:

  • Send in your favorite recipe and you’ll get 250 points
  • Tell the folks at Tasty Bingo who your favorite dinner guest would be for 100 points
  • Spend 1 pound on bingo and you earn 5 points
  • Bingo on the pattern games of Champagne glass, Happy New Years or Doorbell patterns for 10 points
  • Wager 20 pounds on instant games and get 2 points.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 22, 2010