Many places are having some really great bingo promotions coming up to help you celebrate Mothers Day. But one of the best offers out there comes to you from the people at Sun Bingo. Not that it should be any surprise really. After all they are known for some really great promotions in the past. But for Mother’s Day most other places are giving out hampers, which are really cool gifts don’t get me wrong; because any time you win something it is really nice. But Sun Bingo has 13,000 up for grabs that day. You have 1,000 GBP games that are guaranteed and many wonderful chat games where you can win prizes, plus you have that 13,000 GBP that you can win. That game will be played at 7 pm on Mother’s Day March 14th.

Plus looking forward to Easter check out this promotion from Sun Bingo. It will start on March 22nd and you will have some great prizes that will be up for grabs. Not only can you win a Nintendo Wii, but they have HD camcorders, and iPhones that will be given away too! That Love to Share promotion that they recently had going on had a ton of winners too. 255 people took away a share of 16.27 GBP. While yet another 347 won 35.42 each. Sun Bingo always coming up with some really great ways to give you wonderful prizes on online bingo games adding up to a sense of community where you can share with others in that last promotion.

So if you have something that sounds better than winning or possibly winning 13,000 GBP on Mother’s Day, well do it. But if you want to win all that money head on over and join up with the good people of Sun Bingo, and play on March 14th for that money!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on March 12, 2010