JackpotJoy BingoEach day of the week you have a fabulous shot to win a lot of money at Jackpotjoy Bingo. The offer is found through their super jackpots promotion and really it’s one that you shouldn’t miss out on. Because the range of money will be from 2,000 pounds all the way up to 30,000 pounds. Talk about some really super jackpots you’ll find them each day at Jackpotjoy Bingo.

All you have to do is be ready to play some bingo online in that Lounge room each day at this site and you may be able to win a huge amount of money. Getting the bingo in a certain amount of calls will mean that you’ll be getting that super prize in your account. But not only that but you’ll get the normal jackpot amount as well, so you’ll be getting two jackpots in one game!

And yes this is offered each day of the week, you can see why it’s a huge chance that you should really try and take. Two jackpots up for grab and all you need to do is hit it within the number of calls to get them. Also if you happened to get a full house by the first 49 calls on Monday through Sunday and at the times of 2 pm until 3 pm you’re going to win 2,000 pounds. The same prize will be offered from 7 pm until 8 pm on Monday through Saturday. While on Sunday if you hit within those first 49 calls from 5 at night until 7 you can win that 2,000 pounds too, while from 7 pm to 8 pm if you get that full house in the first 46 calls you’re going to win 30,000 pounds on Sunday.

A New Year Feast at Posh Bingo?

Yes well New Year is quite a bit away still, but really this has been announced already by Posh Bingo. This is so you can prepare and get ready for a great game that will come up on January 1st at Posh. The shot is to win that 2,500 pound Visual Feast Game. That’s right at 9:45 on the first day of the new year you can win a great prize from Posh Bingo. This is a chance to win a fabulous home entertainment set up that is worth 2,500 pounds!

The reason they have announced it so early is because you will be able to earn free tickets before that game takes place. But really let’s look at the prize that you could win first. It will include a 50 inch HD and 3D plasma TV, a Blu-Ray DVD player that is also 3D, a surround sound system and even an iPod dock. Not that the game is going to be very expensive at only 1 pound per ticket when you do play that 75 ball bingo game. But really it’s great to know that you can earn free tickets too and have even more chances to win this prize! Start earning your points and once you have 500 points you are going to be able to earn a free ticket. You have up until December 19th to earn those points. And to help you out here are the ways that you can get points!

Telling Posh Bingo what you think the best 3D film would be to see and why, you will earn 200 points.

Telling them in less than 100 words why you would love to win could earn you 100 points. Play bingo the Electricity pattern and hit for bingo on the letter T or V and you get 4 points.

Each time you pay 1 pound playing bingo you will earn 2 points.
Every time you spend 20 pounds on Instant games you will earn 1 point.
So start earning points now and get ready to win!

Get free 20 pounds from Cheeky Bingo

If you love to get free money why not check out Cheeky Bingo. If you’re not a member yet you can get 20 pounds from them when you sign up. That’s a lot of free credits that will be placed into your account. And well you might as well take advantage of any offer where you can get a bit of free cash. After all the more free you get from a site the less of your own money you will need to put in that account.

There are a lot of fabulous offers that you can find at Cheeky Bingo too. Like the chance on Friday’s to win 5,000 pounds, it happens each Friday where they have that Cash Crazy competition going on. You can get the tickets for those games ahead of time and not worry that you won’t be home on time to play the game. Those tickets aren’t much either at only 50 p each!

Also check out Wednesday nights at Cheeky Bingo where you can have a lot of fun at the bar. From 8 pm until 11 pm at night you’ll be able to play a bunch of pattern games in different drink patterns and win a nice hamper that is stuffed full of goodies. Saturday nights you have a chance to earn a bunch of chat points too. That is the night that you will be able to double those cheeky points. The rooms to go to get those points will be either the naughty but nice room or Cheeky minx room; the games will begin at 10 pm on Saturday.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 8, 2010