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You still have a bunch of time left in the month to take advantage of this offer, so get over to Bingo House right now and get your share of that money they have up in this free bingo tournament. On that first deposit that you place on an account you can earn a bonus of 500 percent back too. So remember that if you want to have a great chance at free bingo money Bingo House is the place that you should be playing your bingo at this month.

Be sure to check out the other promotions that are going on this month at Bingo House too. Have fun and make sure that you get there at 6 at night and are ready to play some free bingo online for real money.

Back 2 School Bingo soon coming

Soon Back2School Bingo will be up and running. But for now it’s only a site that will be coming soon. Make any sense, well they have been providing a bit of information on this site that will be set to open around two weeks from now. But really until you see the full site you won’t be able to know what it is all about. For a bit of a preview though we can provide you with a few tidbits to get your interests going.

It’s a site that is looking to bring back the more basics of the online bingo game. That means hopefully making a site that will be able to be enjoyed by anyone around the world. As long as the government of those countries will permit it of course. There will be some 90 ball bingo offered and the software is said to be Microgaming that will be used. If you’ve played some other sites like Butlers Bingo or even 32 Red Bingo you’ll have an idea of what you may see a bit on this new site.

There will of course be a lot of different currencies that will be offered as a deposit options since they are hoping to offer this bingo to everyone. You are going to be able to convert your deposit fairly easily. For that first deposit bonus the chances are you will see around a 200 percent welcome bonus, as well as 25 percent that will be offered for other deposits that you make afterwards.

But in two weeks we will know a lot more about this new site when they open live for everyone to play. Hopefully you will have a chance to enjoy the site yourself!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 24, 2010