Melina Bingo Online New PromotionsAnother new site can be found for online bingo play soon, its back2school bingo and well it will be a sure spot to play and have fun. If you have ever been to see Giggle Bingo then you’ll know most of what you need to about the new site. That it will offer you plenty of big games as well as free bingo and cheaper bingo too.

But when you have a new site that comes out they seem to always have bigger offers at first. So though we are not positive what the bonus on your first deposit will be, you’ll surely have quite a big one from back2school bingo online. Not only that if they are like many sites out there they will also know that online bingo players love to earn money on those reloads they make to their account. So be sure to check this out about the new site.

Also plenty of bingo games in both varieties will be offered, love 75 ball bingo don’t forget to play it while visiting this new site when they open. Or if you’re a fan of 90 ball bingo you’ll want to visit the site for that play too.

Plus a wide variety of other games will be offered, like instant games, slots, and many casino games to play too. 200 percent will be offered to you when you place that first deposit and on all other deposits you will earn 25 percent cash to match the deposit you’ve placed. Or that is what you see at Giggle Bingo right now anyway, so will they offer something different with this new site? Most likely it will either match that offer or be a bit better.

The date that they are planning on launching this new site is fast approaching on December 2nd so be ready for yet another bingo choice!

Big Winners at Bingo Hollywood

In the past week at Bingo Hollywood there has been a lot of money that has been handed out. In fact the amount has been over 500,000 pounds that they have paid out to the winners on their site. For those winners that is great news and well for people who love this site its great news too. Because if you know there are winners taking place, it is a good sign that eventually you may be lucky enough to hit for a win as well!

Let’s look at some of these winners, like “Itsforthewife” who took away 7,697 pounds in a win, he’s wife is surely happy now! Or what about “JaysGirl10” who got 12,689 pounds, hey Jay is one lucky guy as well right now. The biggest winner at the site was “LuckyLass” who got a wonderful amount of money from an instant game win, 20,095 pounds!

The wins didn’t happen in only one game though, they were all spread out from 75 ball bingo to 90 ball bingo and even that fantastic win on the instant games. So when you are a member of Bingo Hollywood you know that no matter what you play you just may be the next big winner to come out!

But to play the games at Bingo Hollywood you will need to be a member of the site. But that is simple enough to do, just go on over and sign up today. It will only take you a few minutes and you even get a nice welcome bonus on that first deposit. Plus the other deposits that you place on your account will even earn a match of 75 percent.

So get over to Bingo Hollywood and see if your name can be one of the next people we see as a big winner!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 30, 2010