Jackpot FiestaA smooth location to play is that of Silk Bingo. They have some of the best promotions that you will find around and with plenty of games to play well it’s a spot where you will never be bored when you head online for fun. Right now if you sign up and join they will give you a bonus offer of 100 percent on that first deposit. But you are also going to get another bonus in those 20 free bingo cards that you get.

Each day that you play at Silk Bingo there are plenty of offers to keep you busy. There are no better days; however Thursday is one of the best that you can find around. That day you will find the chance to win a 42 inch flat screen TV; those tickets for this game are only 1 pound each too. The game is something that is offered every other Thursday and will begin at 9:45 pm.

On the other Thursday nights when the TV is up for grabs you can play for a shot at a voucher for your next holiday that is worth 500 GBP. It doesn’t matter which Thursday prize you like the best they are both great and something that you should take a shot at playing for.

Also going on right now is the shot for three people each month to have one of those nasty utility bills paid for them by Silk Bingo. If you want to find out more about this you should go over to Silk Bingo and look at that promotions page today. It’s a fabulous way that you will be able to have a bill paid and free up some of your own for a bit of fun!

New Deposit setup at Caesars Bingo

One of the best locations out there and the most popular among the many that you can find is Caesars Bingo. They have now added in another reason why more people may soon flock to their site to enjoy the new deposit scheme that they have started. Because people love to earn free money this is something that they have really thought out. After all the more you get when you place a deposit down the more likely you are to continue to go back to that location that treats you right.

To begin with there are many fabulous offers in general at Caesars Bingo and because of that they have many people playing there. However their sign up offer is simply one of the ones that tops the industry of online bingo. Each player who joins will have a shot to earn a total of 150 GBP on that first deposit. Not that is a lot of money and well that’s why this offer is great.

Plenty of promotions are going on all the time at this spot too. With plenty of money that you’ve earned free on your account you’re going to be able to enjoy a lot of games too. Plus when you place that reload deposit on your account you can earn more money. This is something that more and more locations are slowly switching too and it’s really one of the best reasons to pick a location to play at. But on the reload you can earn up to 50 percent and that can be matched up to 50 GBP.

To see what else there is at Caesars Bingo for you simply head over and check out that promotions tab to learn more. It will explain how the deposit scheme works in great detail.

Go to Paris on RedBus Bingo

One of the best promotions around currently is that chance you have to head to the City of Love. This is a chance to travel to a location that you may have wanted to for quite some time but just have never had the money to do so. Right now at RedBus Bingo though you can win this trip to head over and see the spot for yourself.

This promotion will be held on November 7th and you will need to be ready to play at 10 pm. RedBus Bingo will be giving one person a trip to head over and enjoy Paris. See all the sites and enjoy the food and all the things that come along with a trip like this. The trip itself will be one that will have you enjoying three nights in the City Of Love, an excursion that will have you enjoying those sites of Paris, and even some money to spend on the trip. That money is 500 GBP and it’s a wonderful extra that you can get when you win this trip on RedBus Bingo.

You do have a few chances to take part in this offer, and they are really easy to do. But you are going to first off have to be a member of RedBus. So get over there and sign up today and be ready to collect points for this chance to Paris, or simply spend the 2 GBP to buy a ticket. Those tickets can be bought now. But remember you have plenty of time to earn those 500 points needed to get a free ticket too.

Those ways to earn points are the following:

• Send in those dating disaster stories and you can get 250 points
• Bingo playing the truffle pattern and you get 10 points
• Spend 1 GBP on bingo and you will get 5 points
• Spend 20 GBP on side games and you get 2 points

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on August 30, 2010