It’s coming and will soon be the game that you will love at Wink Bingo. The new promotion that will take place is called Playa Del Wink, and its one heck of a fun time. You’ll love this game because it can take you too many places, a safari or even to the Outback for some fun.

Getting first prize in this promotion will be something that will have you winning not only vouchers from Thompson Travel worth 2,000 GBP. Even another 500 GBP in cash to use on those trips or trip that you take with those vouchers. That’s quite a bit of money that you can have to buy a bunch of things while on vacation. Those tickets will cost you 2 GBP each and the game for these prizes will be coming up on July 4th at 10 pm.

But if you want to earn those tickets instead of spending money to buy them, there are ways. These ways are to play and collect points on different options at Wink Bingo. Getting 500 total points will give you enough money to buy one ticket in this chance.

So here is how you collect those points! Play that pattern game in the Sun lounger shape and hit for bingo, you can earn 50 points. While placing down at least 20 GBP on those instant games is going to earn you a point. While going to Facebook and posting a comment about why you need a free holiday will earn you a nice 50 points! Each of those games you play for bingo and spend at least 1 GBP is also going to earn you 20 points. While if you happen to win on those Golden Ticket pattern games you can get a cool 500 points!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 29, 2010