JackpotJoy Bingo OnlineSo much news can be missed with so many bingo locations, so we are providing you with two fabulous chances that you should check out if you play bingo online. First off there is a fabulous blackjack game that is being played at Jackpot Joy Bingo, you have a shot at winning 100 pounds and this is something that is only going to be going on until November 11th. You will need to place a wager of 5 pounds to get in on this deal, but really it’s a great deal. After all you may find that you win something, because not only is there one 100 pound prize that will be given out, but there are also 10 prizes of 10 pounds that will be handed out too. So basically if you hit for one of those prizes you’ve paid for your entry!

The other offer that you might want to check out is from Butlers Bingo. They are handing out a ton of bingo bonuses right now. In fact the total amount that they are giving away is 3,880 pounds worth of bingo bonuses. This offer is something that is going on through November 13th too. You will need to go to that Clowning around game to be able to get the bonuses. If you win on a full house in that game you will earn 3 pounds extra in bingo bonus. While a two line win will get you 2 pounds in bingo bonus and the one line win will earn you 1 pound in bingo bonuses.

Both sites also have many other promotions that you can check out by looking at the promotions tab. It’s the easiest way to find out what all is going on at any bingo site when you sign on to one!

Win a Trip to Vegas on Cheeky Bingo

If you love free games and real money one of the best spots to play those games will be Cheeky Bingo. They have six total rooms that you can play all the free bingo you would like in, and the jackpots in those rooms can be up to 50 pounds! But it’s not the only thing by far that they have at Cheeky Bingo. They have other prizes that they offer and fabulous promotions like this month’s chance to win a trip on Cheeky Bingo to Las Vegas.

You can find a special pattern game being played at Cheeky right now, it’s the V pattern. The cost of the games will range from 5 p each ticket to 10 p each ticket. You can find the games in the 75 ball bingo rooms and play it up until November 24th. Each time that you win three games of that pattern you will get an entry into that prize drawing for a trip to Vegas. So the more of the games that you play the more entries you may be able to get into the drawing, making the chances that you may win even better!

The end of the month the drawing will be random and a lucky player will be winning a fabulous trip that will take them and another person to Vegas, the stay will be for a full week. The overall package deal is a trip to and from Vegas, a week stay and you will even get $1,000 to spend over there in Vegas. Use the money how you like and have a lot of fun!
But get over to Cheeky Bingo and sign up if you’re not a member because you will need to be one for a chance at this wonderful trip.

Want to be a Millionaire? Go to Rollover Bingo

One of the past National Lottery’s was worth a huge amount of money at 10.4 million pounds. And if you play at Rollover bingo you have a shot at getting tickets into that National Lottery drawing for free. Each time that you spend only five pounds at Rollover on their bingo tickets you will get one line for free. Now if that isn’t a great shot, well it’s a fabulous chance to play a game you love and to possibly become a millionaire too because of it.

A concept that is very new, and is also being added at a few other bingo online locations is the one that Rollover Bingo brings you of getting in on that National Lottery. So head over to Rollover Bingo and join and on that first deposit the money you place on that account will be doubled by them. That’s a fabulous deal and will mean that you will get more money that you can use to play bingo! Playing bingo at Rollover means that you will also earn a line in that National lottery too, so the more you spend the more chances you will have to win!

If you like to take a break from bingo once in a while and play another game don’t worry, they have other games to play at Rollover bingo too, like slots and instant games and video poker. Those lottery lines will be given out every 24 hours. So when you spend money today they will be in for the next draw, the more you spend the more lines you get, each 5 pounds will earn you one line. They will also only allow 49 members to share a syndicated line so if you hit you will get some money, not a piddle amount either.

More Bonus Money from Sun Bingo

Not only has Sun Bingo recently gotten a new look, but they are celebrating by giving more money to new members who sign up. So if you’re not yet a member of Sun Bingo you should really consider heading to this spot that offers many fabulous promotions. You can get a welcome bonus of 200 percent on your first deposit. That means that the minimum of 10 pounds you place on that new account will have a 20 added on to by Sun Bingo, giving you a full 30 pounds to spend on bingo or other games.

Sun Bingo also gives their members a reload bonus of 50 percent when you decide more money is needed on your account. They’ve also added in a new TV campaign recently to fit in with the new look and new bonus. It’s all new at Sun Bingo and be sure to watch your TV to see if you catch that new advert.

There are so many wonderful things that you can find at Sun Bingo, like free bingo each day too, where you are able to win money. Each day head over to that free bingo room and get those free tickets that will be used at the 7 pm game. The prize in that game is an amazing 125 pounds, now that’s a lot of money to win without paying for a ticket!

Be sure that your ready to play that last Sunday of each month too in the charity bingo game. The charity that Sun Bingo supports is the Help for Heroes and that’s a great cause so be ready to help out a bit by playing in that game.

Check out the chances at Bingo Bytes

The whole month of November is a great one to head over and check out Bingo Bytes. You may be a member already and you know it’s a fun place to play at. But if you’re not a member check out Bingo Bytes and create your account today for some fun and a chance to turn your luck around even. Each day at Bingo Bytes they are looking at making 21 people winners and that will come in 7 winners per each shift. So it should be well worth a shot at adding this as a place where you play your bingo at in November.

Check out Shopper’s Delight where you might be able to win some money to use for Christmas presents too, like 50 pounds worth of vouchers to use at Amazon. Doesn’t matter if you want to use the money on a present or buy something else for yourself. It’s a great prize, and something that you will find this month at Bingo Bytes.

Each week of the month the people who spend the most playing bingo will be getting paid too, because those top players will find money in their account, in the amounts of 100 pounds for first spender, 75 pounds for second top spender, and finally for the person in third 50 pounds. Not a bad deal and all the more reason why you should play all the bingo games you like at Bingo Bytes!

Also check out their bingo league where you can join a team and well may be able to win something as a team even. If you’re not a member of Bingo Bytes yet do remember that you will get a total of 750 percent in deposit bonuses when you sign up spread out over the first three deposits. You also have a way that you can earn 100 percent cash back on other deposits to your account.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 10, 2010