Don’t worry though they no longer have that 15 GBP bonuses they will offer, there is something still in place. Wink Bingo has a new bonus offer that will provide you with a chance to win more money. With the wheel you get to spin and have a shot at getting a better bingo bonus than you would have before. All you have to do in order to spin the wheel is place a deposit of 10 pounds or more on a new account. With that you will earn a spin on the wheel, and it can turn into something even better than that old bonus. You may win 15 pounds, but you can also win up to 1,000 GBP. A heck of a deal and one that makes that old bonus seems, well old hat.

Though you may not walk away with more money, the chance at it is there. That should bring in more new players to this wonderful site. They have many other new changes happening over at Wink Bingo too. Adding in some more slot games to keep you busy and lead you to even more fun. With such a wonderful site it is good to see this new offer. A way that you may be lucky enough to surpass that old bonus amount by tremendous leaps and bounds. So if you have never been to Wink Bingo before and don’t have an account, take a look at this new way to earn a bonus. But if you are already a member of Wink Bingo you know they have great promotions already. Check them out today and earn a spin on the wheel to see how much of a bonus you can get!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on April 12, 2010