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Melina Bingo Online offers 4 Bingo Halls and Free Online BingoOnline bingo continues to grow increasingly popular every day. What started out as a quintessentially British phenomenon in around 2003, is now storming the whole planet, with many new online bingo sites cropping up every week. But why has online bingo become all the rage? How did it become a multi-million pound industry in just a matter of a few years? In the UK, where bingo halls have a long proud history, things are changing rapidly. Many venues are either struggling, or have closed down completely — yet online bingo is experiencing an incredible upsurge.

The recent economic downturn is partly to blame for this. People do not have the available disposable income and huge job cuts have meant less and less people venturing out for a night at the bingo. After all, going out to play bingo, although a highly pleasurable activity can be prohibitively expensive — once you have taken into account transport, drinks and food, the costs soon start adding up. Also, the smoking ban in the UK has influenced the decision of many bingo players to stay at home, where they can smoke in the comfort of their own homes.

Playing online bingo requires no dressing up or getting across town in the wind and rain. All it requires is an internet connection and a laptop, and online bingo players can still get their favourite bingo fix without leaving their front room. Thankfully, the social aspect of bingo is still present; with all online bingo sites offering free chat rooms where players can mingle relax and participate in chat games. Although online bingo is still primarily a female activity, the average age of participants is falling, introducing a younger audience to the game. This fresh blood is vital, and with many online bingo sites offering healthy cash rewards to players who refer their friends, it’s no wonder that around three million Brits play online bingo on a regular basis.

With so many sites competing for attention, the prizes keep getting bigger too — it’s not only money you win when you play online bingo. Online bingo site regularly give away cars, holidays, cruises and the latest gadgets — whether you are a serious gamer, or you play a spot of bingo to unwind at the end of the day, the opportunities to win enormous prizes are manifold. It is a shame that so many grand old bingo halls, which were once the focal point of a high street are now falling into disuse and disrepair, but online bingo has shown that it can move and evolve with the times, providing top-notch entertainment at a relatively low cost.

What is Online Bingo?

Online bingo is an exciting game that can be found at many locations. There are well over 100 if not 1,000 spots where you can play the game online. Many of which have fabulous offers of a welcome bonus, this is something that will increase the amount of money on your account. Of the online bingo offered there are many varieties that you can find all over the place. Like 75 ball bingo that will normally be played in a variety of pattern games. For this game you will see one winner who gets bingo first.

90 ball bingo is another very popular variety of online bingo that you will find. The best thing about 90 ball bingo is that you have 3 winners per each game played. A person who hits for a one line bingo win, a two line bingo win and finally that full house winner. Depending on which style of play you enjoy the most you can find both of these among some other choices at certain online bingo sites. Like speed bingo where you may have a bit of a hard time keeping up, but it’s still a lot of fun, and the game is over quickly.

To find the best online bingo offers you will need to read news to find the offers that you like. Many online bingo sites will not only entice you by those big welcome bonus offers, but with promotions that will normally last a month. Bigger promotions that you may have experienced in the past with online bingo include cars being given away and trips to exotic locations. When you play online bingo you also have locations that will seem to offer you more each month. That is another thing that you should check out when choosing the right online spot to play your bingo at. Don’t forget that you may want to become a member of more than one spot though too. This will give you a shot at earning more prizes by playing more than one spot and making sure that you don’t miss out on something fabulous that one site may offer one week while the other isn’t offering near as much.

Big prizes are almost always offered during a month promotion. Electronics, trips, big money and so much more can be found through online bingo spots to play at. But what will you do when you have 2 or more spots to pick from for a fabulous prize? There are many chances that you can find a pre-buy ticket program at the online bingo site for a bigger promotion. That means you can buy the tickets ahead of time and they will be played automatically the day of the big promotion. Look into the many options and read the promotions pages of the sites that you are for online bingo play. Really one of the things that most people go to an online bingo site for is the one that will offer them the most for free!

Online Bingo Games

The incredible rise in popularity of online bingo games can be traced back to humble beginnings. The history of bingo goes back to Italy in 1530, although it is suspected the game originated long before that in Europe. From Italy, the game then spread to France and Germany, where it was used to help children learn maths, history and spelling.

During the 1930s, the game reached North America, where it was known as ‘beano.’ Numbers were marked on cigar boxes and players covered their numbers with beans, hence the name. A New York toy salesman by the name of Edwin S Lowe was at a county fair when he overheard a player accidentally call out ‘bingo’ instead of ‘beano’ and the modern game was born. Inspired by this, Mr Lowe hired a maths professor, who helped create new cards with 6000 unique combinations.

Since then, online bingo games have spread to all corners of the world, and it is still a very popular method to raise money for charity. In the UK, no town was complete without its own bingo hall, but the recent economic downturn and smoking ban has meant a decline in popularity, with many venues closing down or being used for other purposes. However, this does not for one moment mean that the actual game of bingo has declined in popularity. Today, players in the UK can choose from around 300 online bingo sites, with new ones springing up on an almost weekly basis.

Online bingo games has grown to be phenomenally popular all over the world, with players being attracted to enormous jackpots, and a huge variety of games, plus the opportunity to make new friends in the online bingo chat rooms. No longer do players have to get dressed up to go out and play — now they can win huge jackpots and still experience the thrill of bingo in the comfort of their own living room.

Playing bingo online offers an excellent opportunity to network and socialise, with players rubbing shoulders together from all over the world in bingo chat rooms. Many online bingo sites offer free bingo and tempting welcome bonuses to entice players to register with them. And…it works. More and more people, both male and female, of all ages, sign up to play online bingo every day. Many of the UK bingo sites run enormous advertising campaigns, and some sites, like Foxy Bingo, have become household names.

Playing online bingo is a fun, relaxing and stimulating way to spend your spare time. If you haven’t played it before, it’s time you discovered exactly why it has become so popular. Millions of people worldwide playing online bingo can’t be wrong.

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