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Playing games at online casinos provides thrill seeking gamblers with an entertainment experience which is a virtual representation of a brick and mortar casino. Players access these casino games from the comfort of their own homes by means of the internet. The odds and payback percentages offered by an online casino are in general higher than those expected from a land based casino, and many of these websites publish what their payouts are. Table games such blackjack and craps are programmed to operate by means of a random number generator and these have an established house edge, just as they would in a normal casino. The rules of the game are what establish the house edge however trust issues from customers or potential customers are commonly raised. Licensing and software to drive these games is generally leased from a software development company and these programs are designed not only to provide the games but also payment and back office facilities. There are many well known software providers and these have proved themselves to be completely reliable in terms of making financial transactions online and genuine payouts for winning. Examples of these companies include, but are not limited to Cryptologic, Real Time Gaming, Rival Gaming, Microgaming and Playtech. Below we have listed the top online casinos offering top notch high quality casino games in a safe and trusted environment which will ensure that our online bingo players that decide to take a break from the norm will come across an overall flawless online casino experience.

The online casino operator piggy-backs their reputation with that of the operator and this credibility doesn’t come cheap! The software for casino games revolves around the RNG or random number generator and sites are divided into two formats. The download only, or web-based which uses Flash or other technology. In many instance both interfaces are also used and the customer has a choice which to use. Live gambling is also becoming very popular at casino websites, and these games are brought to the player through live video streaming. Popular games include roulette and blackjack and live croupiers are used. This concept is used to convey the feeling of playing in a “Real Live Casino” with real live dealers where players convey their actions to the dealers by means of live, in-game chat. More than one player is able to participate in certain games, but the computer software still essentially controls the game and there is no real interaction between the dealer and the player. Observing live video feed of this nature obviously takes up a good deal of bandwidth, so the player is able to turn this off and still participate in the same game. Cards are read by OCR technology and controlled by RNG while the live video feed is really just a visual incentive.

Web-based casinos are simple to use and games may be played instantly through the players’ browser without the need to download software. These games are represented by Shockwave, Flash or Java and browser support is required for plug-ins. Bandwidth is also required, however some online casinos actually allow members to play games in an HTML format which is very plain and does not use the same bandwidth as complex graphics and sound. However this can take some of the fun out of the game. It is necessary for the player to download software to drive the games in the download based online casino. Generally speaking the quality of graphics and sound in these games is of a very high standard. They are generally faster, and more reliable too as the client connects to the casino with no browser support. Initially it does take some time to download the software, but this happens quickly, and with a well known brand name there is no fear of downloading any malware. But beware a name you don’t know, and check out reviews first.

Casino Bonus

All casinos online offer their new members some incentive to join the site. This usually comes in the form of a first deposit bonus, and sometimes a no deposit bonus. This is good marketing policy and a justifiable cost is incurred by the casino as they are giving away free money. However, giving away free money also mean the casino expects a commitment from the player in terms of loyalty. In essence they are expected to meet a wagering requirement which is relative to the first deposit and the bonus money, before withdrawals can be made. This means that the player is not able to just leave with the casinos free funds and never spend any money playing. In some instances the player can deposit funds and not opt-in for the bonus, however often this occurs automatically.
Certain games may be restricted for wagering requirements so it is vital to read all terms and conditions before agreeing to sign up with an online casino, and be in agreement with these. Wagering requirements guarantee that the casino house edge is met and is completely within the spirit of fairness. There are variable terms and bonuses related to casino games and casino bonuses which start from the non-cashable bonus which is just what it says it is and cannot be cashed out. It may be called a phantom or sticky bonus, but it still acts as a part of a players account balance. These bonus funds are lost if the player cashes out, so planning is necessary before a withdrawal is made and ideally these funds should be spent first.

Casino players might have come across the term comp points or casino points; the above are just the same as talk points, shopping points or the comps players receive for loyalty at land based casinos. They are awarded for player activity and are generally linked to the VIP level of the player. They can be redeemed for cash or tangible gifts and the amount of comps earned is relative to the type of game played or the amount of money deposited. They are small in relation to the $10 or moer deposit made, and the aim is to collect as many of these as possible to rise through the ranks of the VIP program. While claiming a bonus from a casino where you intend to play is fair enough, bonus hunting is frowned upon. Bonus hunters are called tarts or even worse, whores, as it is conceivable to make a profit by bonus hunting. Casinos, poker rooms and sports books all give away bonuses and if the house edge is 0.5% in blackjack or other games and the member received a $100 bonus, the expected loss is $25. So they are essentially $75 ahead of the game. Bonus disputes at online casinos are quite regular, and players caught abusing the system are actually committing fraud. An example of bonus fraud is when the player creates more than one account to claim more than one bonus. Similarly a casino would be committing fraud if they changed the terms of a bonus after the player has already met the wagering requirements, and both of these scenarios can occur. There have been reported cases of fraudulent behavior from online casino operators and in the most part this has been for refusal to make payouts or rigged software. In instances such as this, where a number of cases have been reported, the casinos are referred to as being “rogue”. Any casino which makes retroactive changes to their house rules or delays/refuses to make payment on request will be caught out. Online casino portals make and keep blacklists at their sites and these can be referred to. Elka System/Oyster Gaming and Casino Bar are examples which have been proven mathematically to be cheats, so steer clear of these sites and stick to playing on sites with high profile brand names.

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