We all love those cheap bargain games that many online bingo sites have and Red Bus Bingo is no doubt one of those places where you can find a lot of bargains to play. They have a ton of penny bingo games that will have you playing for money; the pot for this offer is 30 GBP. All for the cost of 1 p each online bingo ticket that you buy!

There is much more that you will find at RedBus Bingo like the middle of the week when you can play those nifty bingo games that will be giving out money! It’s a great way to get rid of that middle of the week blues that you may be feeling. Because well winning money is one sure way to snap you out of feeling bad. Especially when you are playing some really great bargain games with the Pics for a Penny offer.

The more tickets you buy in this offer the better your chances are to be the one who walks away with the 30 GBP that is going to be given to the winner. Get up to 96 tickets in each online bingo game that you play, now that’s a lot of chances to win the money, and not much money that you have to pay out at only 1 p per ticket.

This particular online bingo game is going to happen each Wednesday night and you need to go to the 1p room to play. The start of these Pics for Penny game is going to be at 9:30 pm.

Only one of the many offers that you can currently find at RedBus Bingo. So to find out more just go to that promotions tab and you will find out all about the other great chances you have as a member of RedBus Bingo.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on September 1, 2010