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Play bingo games with the top online bingo sites by browsing through our updated listings of the most reliable and respected online bingo halls. We have included a list of the top online bingo sites accepting US bingo players and sites that welcome European and UK bingo players. At this current point there are more than 500 online bingo sites across the internet offering online bingo games. The decision of where to play bingo online is surely a difficult one which is the reason players are advised to stick with recommended brands as bingo sites listed here have gone through an important test in regards of a number of factors. The page has US bingo sites separated from UK bingo sites, Australian sites and European bingo sites for reasons explained throughout our index.

Top USA Bingo Sites

Rank Bingo Site Free Bingo Bingo Bonus
Cyber Bingo Play at Cyber Bingo $20
123 Bingo Play at 123 Bingo $25
Bingo Gala Play at Bingo Gala
Gone Bingo Play at Gone Bingo $20
Bingo Hall Play at Bingo Hall $6
Bingo Mega Play at Bingo Mega $30
USA Bingo Play at USA Bingo $30

Top UK Bingo Sites

Rank Bingo Hall Free Bingo Bingo Bonus
Jackpot Fiesta Play at Jackpot Fiesta £15
Bingo Palace Play at Bingo Palace £5
Mecca Bingo Play at Mecca Bingo
Gala Bingo Play at Gala Bingo
JackpotJoy Bingo Play at JackpotJoy Bingo
William Hill Bingo Play at William Hill Bingo
Party Bingo Play at Party Bingo £20
Foxy Bingo Play at Foxy Bingo £5
Sun Bingo Play at Sun Bingo
Harrys Bingo Play at Harrys Bingo £10
Tombola Bingo Play at Tombola Bingo £5

Top Australian Bingo Sites

Rank Bingo Hall Free Bingo Bingo Bonus
Bingo Gala Play at Bingo Gala $10
Desperate Housewives Bingo Play at DHW Bingo $30

Top European Bingo Sites

Rank Bingo Hall Free Bingo Bingo Bonus
Maria Bingo Play at Maria Bingo £3
Bingo Day Play at Bingo Day £30
888 Ladies Play at 888Ladies Bingo £20
Ruby Bingo Play at Ruby Bingo £16

If you haven’t navigated around and your still wondering what the difference is between sites separated in to categories you should understand that although the world wide web is a international facility some bingo sites cater to different regions of the world due to currency differences or due to licensing reasons. Sites that are licensed and stock listed in European countries are not permitted to accept players living in the U.S although US facing sites do accept and accommodate their games to all the regions of the world. If you think currency difference is a barrier to you and you don’t want to play with sites not offering the currency of the region you currently live you may scroll down and locate sites for each region of the world separately.

Important highlights which are looked at and add up to our checklist before we list a site as a to pick to play online bingo consist of factors including the quality of bingo games, the payout ratio, the population of the bingo site, the volume of bingo jackpots or giveaways, the support consistency and time frame and the reputation of the particular bingo site or network.

These key factors are the first checklist that we conduct and therefore proceed with recommending particular online bingo sites for our players to join. Players from across the world surely will have realized that bingo sites on the internet vary in terms of acceptance of players, meaning that not all sites are available to play bingo for players from all regions of the world.

Depending on where you live, play online bingo at the site that caters to your region and preferably to your currency as this will avoid any losses in terms of exchange rates. It is rather difficult to play in a foreign currency as the deposit amounts usually vary, not necessarily meaning that the fluctuation is always not in your benefit. Nevertheless we recommend players to play bingo online acoordingly to where they live.

US players should play bingo at sites focusing on US Players and accept accounts in US dollars, UK bingo players should play with sites welcoming UK bingo players and GBP and Australian players should join sites offering multicurrency options in the AUD. The currency perspective is not the sole factor which should lie behind the decision as bingo games are played in two primary variations; 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo. Each variation is more popular in different regions of the world meaning that sites which are focused on UK bingo would preferably offer more 90 ball bingo halls in contrary to 75 ball bingo halls.

Our long term presence in the online bingo industry gives us the competitive edge to be able today to offer super sign up bonuses for all major sites enabling our readers to play bingo with maximum bingo bonus regardless of where they live. Sign up at the recommended online bingo halls recommended above and benefit from boosted sign up bonuses and reload bonuses as the bonus codes that have been embedded in the links above unlock maximum bonus which we have negotiated with the selected online bingo sites listed.

Playing Bingo For Cash

If the idea of playing bingo for cash as a way to change your life seems stupid, it was not a stupid idea for the hundreds of bingo players who were winning daily prizes of £10 000 in cash every day for months during 2010 at Mecca Bingo. £10 000 is a lot of money and it can pay a lot of bills, one player won this prize twice so she was £20 000 up. This amount of money is life changing!

What about the lady who played in the £5 million coverall – the Golden Balls game at 888 Ladies Bingo? She won the minimum prize and this was £50 000!! She played bingo for cash, won and said, this money had changed her life. The recent winner of £28 000 at Gala Bingo is able to visit her daughter in New Zealand now, she has not seen her daughter and grandchildren for five years – her life has changed. Virtually every player of bingo for cash who has won has said what a difference winning has made to their lives. Even winners of small amounts such as £100 are immensely grateful because they have been entertained while they play and this is another £100 that they have not had to sweat blood and tears for to pay the bills. Think about it like this, I have a friend who lives in London, her weekly grocery bill is £80 and she has it delivered from Sainsbury’s. Winning £100 means one grocery bill plus change is dealt with, so she gets a bit of a break for a week, a break from paying can also be life changing in its own small way.

Now I am not for a moment suggesting you should go out and spend the grocery money on bingo in the hopes that you might make more grocery money; that is plain stupid! But what I am suggesting is that if you pay for entertainment and you budget for it, budget for some online bingo too and take a chance. Take a weeks’ movie money and use that instead, you can always get the movie when it comes out on DVD, and sitting in the movie house being entertained is ok. But playing bingo for money, you are still entertained, you get to make new friends online and if you win, what the heck, it could change your life to a lesser or greater degree and change is always good!

There are so many choices for people to play bingo for money online that it actually might be difficult coming to a decision regarding where to play. This is often where an online bingo portal comes in very useful. These sites provide the potential players with reviews of all the best sites, what to find and a cross section of promotional and news aspects. They at the very least provide a good idea of where to get started.

In most cases, certainly in the case of UK bingo sites, friend referral programmes are an integral part of a bingo site. Although many UK players swear that it is the socializing aspect of playing online bingo which is the draw-card, if you are chatting to your fellow roomies and having a fine time online, why not play bingo for money at the same time?

In many cases a friend will only use the friend referral programme once they have already tried the site out and found that they really enjoy it. In some cases players will only refer friends to play bingo for money once they have won big themselves, in which case it is a matter of “if I could win then so can you”. But in the majority there are a ton of British Bingo sites which have massive reputations in the industry, where you can play bingo for money, friends or no friends. This is a double bonus because if you don’t have friends and you don’t have any money, you may find this all changing!

One of the biggest revolutions in the UK bingo industry is the fact that you can play bingo with no money and make money. How? you ask. Play for free and use the winnings you make in free games to finance your real money play.

One of the examples I like to use is sites which often give away free bonus money in a special promotion, a member will pick up a fiver and win £500, there are many examples of this. But think about it carefully, if you are playing a free bingo game and you win £20 or even only £1, and you play in a real bingo for money game with a much bigger prize and you win, you will be sitting in the pound seats. UK bingo sites also offer games with budget busting bingo ticket prices of 1p and 2p, at prices like this you can’t help but play bingo for money.

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