Free bingo the thing of glory and the best of bargain games that you can find is available right now at 888 Bingo. You even have many penny games that you can play if you want to spend a bit of money to play. But to play those free bingo games you will need to be a member of this site to enjoy them. Just get over and head to the Bubbly Room and you can play those free games starting at 19:00 BST.

The best thing about this offer is that you can still win real cash too. Because sure it’s nice to save money and play free bingo, but when winning money is involved it is just so much better! The jackpots you can play for are 300 GBP! Those are just the jackpots that you will find during the week too.

Because if you go to play these free games on the weekend you will be playing for a jackpot of 500 GBP. Not bad at all when you think about the money you are paying to play these games, nothing! Don’t want to hold off on the free bingo you can play during the day in the Ladies First room too. But the prize isn’t going to be near as high, but again you’re paying nothing to play, so even the 10 GBP that you win can be nice. Those games are played each hour starting at 11:30 and going until 23:30 each day.

With all this bargain bingo and free bingo online that you can play at 888 Bingo you may think it’s what they are all about. But when you get to their web page make sure to check out their other fabulous promotions. There are a ton of them!

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This news post was written by Christy Tanner on May 20, 2010