Looking for great deals is something we try and do all the time in order to enhance online bingo players to maximize their internet bingo experience. Leading you to the best spots for the best deals; whether it is a deposit bonus that is great, or something else which enhances you with the opportunity to win a lot of money. Even chances to earn extra points in loyalty will be something we like to point out for you. Allowing all online players to head to the best spots they like to play or testing out new places too.

With two great deals that are coming up soon, first the one is a private party that is going to be going on at Posh Bingo This will be to celebrate the year that they have been online. It will be a party that will be private, but you never know you may be picked to head to those great games that will be taking place on May 2nd.

Check out the noisemaker patter and you will be able to enjoy a great prize. This will be a fantastic gift that will include food, bubbly, music and a great venue to have a party in. But those players who are close to winning but just don’t make it have a great chance too. The people who have 1TG or 2TG can share in amounts of 150 GBP or 50 GBP! All you need is to buy a ticket that will cost you 1 pound to take part in this offer at Posh Bingo or alternatively you will have the opportunity to exchange 500 posh party points to join. You can earn points in different ways, head to Posh for specifics.
Next you may want to check out the Shopping Bonanza that is taking place at Deal or No Deal Bingo right now. Here you have a ton of great prizes that are up to win. You can win some pampering or even some DVDs.

Plus you have hampers that have sweets in them too. That hamper will be coming from Keep It Sweet. They will even be giving people who come in the top five 10 pound vouchers to shop at love2shop!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on April 16, 2010