888-ladies-bingoRight Christmas time no time to sit still and play a bit of bingo! So why not take advantage of those pre-buy or pre-purchase offers. You know those tickets that you can buy ahead of time, and they will be played even if you’re not there. It’s a great way to still have a shot at winning some really nice jackpots. Think of it this way even if you want. It’s a way to make up, possibly, for the money you spent when you headed out Christmas shopping for the day. Pre-buys are a great way to make sure that you simply don’t miss out on a chance to win.

Something that every online bingo site offers for many of their bigger jackpot games. They do this because they realize that not everyone has all the free time in the world. And this is especially true during the holiday seasons. So take advantage of their goodwill and use it to see if you can make back some of that money you’ve already put out.

Our UK bingo players will have the opportunity to win a Fiat 500 cabriolet by pre -buying tickets in the Fiat 500 convertible pre-buy room which is now open at 888Ladies Bingo. The game will take place on Christmas Eve December 24 at 20:30 GMT in the X’mas ride room and now is the time to buy your tickets to join!

Who knows maybe you’ll win the car or a big enough amount to pay off all those credit card bills that will be coming in next month! Something that you wouldn’t have even thought about before.

It’s all possible because some of these jackpots are excellent chances to change your life or whoever wins them around. Heck if you’re in the giving spirit you can always send some of that money over here to the states for me to enjoy! Just get those tickets when you can ahead of time and take a chance at winning. Good luck and may everyone have a great Christmas and New Years!

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This news post was written by Christy Tanner on December 16, 2009