Red Bus Bingo Online PromotionsThe action starts with Red Bus Bingo Online; If you don’t really get into team bingo you might want to consider it. Because at Red Bus Bingo right now they have this Team Fortunes promotion that is going on and in it you may be able to win a share of 15,000 pounds. Now that would be well worth the chance to play a bit of bingo with a team and share some money right? This is a new offer that really is all about the new sponsor they’ve just gotten with ITV’s Family Fortunes more than anything! So actually you can really play it by yourself or with some friends it is all up to you. But there is plenty of money that is up for grabs!

But it may be best to join up with someone you know in the process. Or you can go over to Red Bus and ask them to place you one a team, you have either the Shakers or the Movers that you can be a part of. Play bingo as much as you want and well if your team is the one that wins you can win some money. Plus it’s nice to have bragging rights over other people occasionally.

Plenty can be found at Red Bus Bingo besides this offer too. But you are going to need to be a member of Red Bus to play as well. So join the site and don’t forget that you can earn those fabulous Joy pot points at this spot for the Joy Pot games that are played.

That next Joy Pot game will be coming up on New Year’s Day and be offered at Posh Bingo. You have a bit of time to save up points and possibly earn a free ticket too.

Get a bunch of freebies and more at Sing Bingo Online

One of the fastest growing sites for being new and yet so popular has got to be Sing Bingo. The promotions they have offered have been legendary and well it’s made them one of the top spots to play for many UK players. Plus they have a bunch of free bingo where you can win real money too! There are chances to win 50 pounds in those free games too, and well that’s a great amount of money that you normally don’t see in many free bingo games.

With this offer alone that is nothing special, just what happens each day at Sing Bingo it is easy to see why so many people love that spot to play their bingo at. Because that isn’t the only thing that you get when you head over to play at Sing Bingo, you get a bunch of other bonuses along the way.

First off to begin with when you join Sing Bingo you get a huge bonus on that first deposit that is pretty much larger than most places around, at 350 percent. All you have to place on your account is a minimum of 10 pounds and you will get that match of 350 percent! Plus they don’t stop with only one deposit bonus, but on all deposits you will get a percentage match. That’s right on a reload deposit you can earn a match of 50 percent!

When you first sign up you also get into this special room called the Make Your Debut room and well there you have a lot of bingo that you can play. Each 20 minutes you will be able to play a new game and each game is worth 15 pounds. This room is open to you for the first day of your time at Sing Bingo and will be a great way that you may be able to build up the already tremendous amount of money in your account from all of their offers.

Fabulous Giggle Bingo Promotions and offers

Each online bingo spot really has a lot going on right now after all it is the season of giving and they are all giving to their members. At Giggle Bingo it’s no different they have a ton of promotions that are going on. Like Gobble Giveaway, Monthly MegaPot, Deck the Halls, and really a ton of other promotions that you can quickly find out about. All the different promotions are a great way for anyone around the world to be able to win either cash or prizes when playing. Even though half of November is gone and you’ve missed a bit of the fun, you still have plenty of chances to win this month by playing at Giggle Bingo.

You will need to be a member of Giggle Bingo to play in all the varied promotions though. So get over and sign up quickly. The time it takes to sign up will be very little, and you may want to place a bit of money on your account to earn a welcome bonus they hand out. This will give you quite a bit of cash on your account and you can head off and pick what you want to play.

Again there are just so many promotions that you should check out the promotions tab to learn what you may want to play. Or take a chance and play everything you can stay awake and play! Soon though the month will be up and then it will be time to usher in a bunch of new promotions for December. Some things that are set to come up are Christmas Shopping Giveaway, Hot Chocolate, Party time and many others. But for now just focus on the current month at Giggle Bingo and play and win!

Experience Harry Potter with Virgin Bingo Online

You know all other sites are going with offers that will either give you a chance to see Harry Potter when it first comes out in the theaters, or a box set. But at Virgin Bingo they don’t like to go so small with their promotions and for that reason if you’re a Harry Potter fan you really need to play at Virgin Bingo for this chance.

See all you have to do in order to win a trip to see that Harry Potter addition to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida is play enough money on slot games at Virgin Bingo. Yes you saw that right you will be heading to Florida to see the Wizard World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. The chance you need to take is to spend at least 250 pounds on the slot games that have been selected by Virgin Bingo. If you do that you will be entered into the drawing and may win a trip for four to Universal Studios.

The 20 people who come in after the main winner will also still get prizes. They will all get two tickets to see the Harry Potter movie in the theater. Wow talk about a promotion that blows others out of the water though. They are giving away the main prize as they runner up prizes at Virgin Bingo!

You will need to be a member of Virgin Bingo to play in this offer. But signing up will only take you a few minutes, and the prize is well worth that time you need to take. Sign up and try your hand at those slots they’ve picked and you may be seeing Harry Potter in Orlando Florida.

Play to Celebrate at 32 Red Casino

They are offering you a chance to win 32 free games at 32 Red Casino right now to celebrate. What are they celebrating you may wonder? Well of course the Royal Engagement and by playing the Lord of the Rings slots you may be able to celebrate yourself with those 32 free games! The news that has the whole of the UK Celebrating and looking forward to viewing a Royal Wedding is also cause of this newest promotion from 32 Red Casino. Heck it’s just nice to have a new promotion to talk about that is not about the holidays!

So how do you win those free games in this promotion? First off you will need to be a member of 32 Red Casino and have to place at least 32 pounds or more onto your account. Once that is done you also need to spend at least 320 pounds of money in playing bingo or other games between the dates of November 18th and November 21st. If you do that on November 22nd you will have a free 32 games to play on that Lord of the Rings slot game.

May seem like you have a lot to do in order to get free games, but it is possible to do. Just make sure that you do it before the time runs out on this promotion. Plenty of other chances to win and play are offered at this spot so be sure to check it out.

Just get on over to 32 Red Casino and sign up head to that promotions page and read what things you have a shot at playing. But if you want those free games you have to follow the above rules first!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 19, 2010