Red Bus BingoRed Bus Bingo is coming down your road, and it’s time to hop aboard for an absolutely superb bingo online experience. We love Red Bus Bingo to play bingo online at because they do so many cool and different things. For instance, you can now do your bit for yourself and for charity this April by taking part in the Red Bus £260 Run a Mile game. Okay, so you might not be up to running the London Marathon yourself, but, you can start to buy your 2p tickets now, safe in the knowledge that if you win, you will bag £260 cash for yourself, plus a £260 donation to a charity of your choice. Red Bus Bingo are urging you to make it to the game taking place on Sunday, 17 April. Doesn’t it just give you a warm feeling inside?

Now then. Red Bus Bingo is based on a red London bus theme, and it takes you on a tour around all of the best sights of London. Non-so other than the 2K Big Smoke game. This takes place on the last Friday of every month, and gives you three opportunities to win a huge wad of cash. One line pays £350, two lines pay £650, and if you get a full house in this game, you win £1000. Tickets cost £1, and are available to buy from the Red Bus Bingo conductor right now.

The Red Bus Bingo timetable is packed with hilarious games such as Telly Hour, Bridge the Gap and Grab the Cash. All of these add up to one splendid bingo timetable, and like the last bus home, you simply can’t afford to miss them. Join now to play a free £1000 game every night, and to pick up your free bingo cash.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on February 17, 2011