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Responsible Gaming

Bingo is well known for being one of the most socially accepted and safe form of gambling whilst also having one of the lowest rates of problem gambling. Please however exercise caution and monitor your gaming activity effectively and responsibly. Bingo should be a fun and about having fun- Rainbow Bingo urges all players to monitor and maintain their financial transactions and personal data in the safest and secure manner. Do not allow minors to visit rainbowbingo.com and exercise responsible gaming at all times. If you require any further advice please do not hesitate to contact us or to contact one of the links below.

Under-Age Gambling

Under-age Gambling is strictly prohibited if you are below the Minimum age of 21. To play at the sites listed at rainbowbingo.com you must be 21 years or older and eligible to participate in online gambling according to the laws of your state or country. We reserve the right to request and perform checks to verify the personal information provided.


If a child/minor has access to the home or personal computer the it is feasible that they may access rainbowbingo.com and gamble. Please make the full and appropriate measures to stop this from occurring. Several filter programs aimed at protecting minors are available and accessing gambling sites. Please see below for a small list of our recommended ones.

  • NetNanny
  • PC TimeCop
  • BrightFilter

Responsible Gaming

When playing bingo exercise full responsible gaming; gambling when out of control can have an effect on all aspects of your personal life e.g. health, mental health, family, friends and finances. Problem gambling can affect many aspects of one’s life –please do NOT gamble more than you can afford. Problem gambling can affect all players despite age, race, gender or social standing.

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