When you think of a Ruby, you think of a beautiful and shiny trinket. Or a ring that holds a gem that is simply fantastic. Think of Ruby Bingo in the same manner, it’s shiny and offers you some beautiful and fantastic promotions. They do things a bit differently at Ruby Bingo. Their players are very important to them, and for that reason they do offer some of the best promotions around. Not only do you have those themed games going on right now with the World Cup going on, but you have so much more from Ruby Bingo. But first off you are looking at these World Cup promotions that will continue until July 11th. Though again the Ruby Bingo approach to these promotions are a bit different than other sites that you will find around the internet. You are looking at more of a team effort when you play in these offers at Ruby Bingo. After all it is a team that will win the World Cup, so why not a team that will be earning the bonus points that are up for grabs in this offer! Doesn’t really seem all that different if you think of it in this way. But really it is something that will be different from those other chances on all those other online bingo sites.

For more information on this fabulous promotion you can head over to Ruby Bingo and read more on it. But you will want to know this before you head over, you will be playing for a share of 250 GBP worth of bonus bucks. Now that is one great prize, and it’s a fabulous promotion. One that you will find does have a nice little twist to

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 25, 2010