Jackpot FiestaLove to play slots? Well you should check out the current tournament that is going on at Bingo Anywhere. It’s for all the slot games lovers out there, and there is a chance to get some money if you are on the top of the pile after the tournament is over. The cash to split between the winners is 500 pounds, and all you have to do is pick your favorite slot games and play them.

Each time you spend at least 10 pounds on a slot game you’ll earn a point. Those points will add up over the days and the top winner is going to get the big prize. But people who come in the top 10 will also get a bit of cash too, so this is a chance that is well worth taking.

For the 1st place person they will get 150 pounds, well second place will earn 100 pounds. Third place will be taking home 80 pounds and fourth will earn 50 pounds. The finishing people in places fifth through tenth will each get 20 pounds in their account.

Those people who don’t come in the top ten aren’t going away empty handed either. Because those points you earn, well they can be turned into real cash. 100 points that you have is equal to 1 pound in cash. So playing in this tournament is something that you should really consider, especially if you love those slot games.

You will need to be a member of Bingo Anywhere to participate in this offer though. But remember that just creating an account with no deposit you’ll earn 20 pounds right off the bat. This is a great offer that really can’t be matched by other locations. If you place money on your account, you’re also going to earn a match of 200 percent. But not just on the first deposit either, the second and third one you make will also have a bonus on them!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 7, 2010