Jackpot FiestaMany online bingo sites are adding in the social networking aspect of advertisement. Many will have a page on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or other spots. Even offering people a chance at bonuses when they friend or follow the bingo site. This actually not only is working well for bingo sites but for sites like Bingo Plus. This is a group of people who are hoping to get the word out about the gaining popularity of games held for charity in the state of Texas. They have added a Facebook page, Twitter, and even have a YouTube page along with a blog.

This is an organization that is fairly new, but it is actually part of a huge industry that brings in around $693 million dollars across the state of Texas via bingo. Planning to help the organization get even bigger by using the social networking aspect. Hoping that with this new connection they will be able to add to the fan base that is already quite big. But as any good business knows social networking is a great way to get the word out about your company.

The group was only established this year and it is a third party organization, who hope to increase the charitable games that take place in the state of Texas. They are again part of an industry that brings in $693 million dollars each year in Texas, this money goes to support many non-profit organizations all across the state.

Too bad the state of Alabama or for that fact any state in the US didn’t think about doing this. The money earned via bingo could do a lot of good in many areas. Using the money earned for many programs that would help people, or fix up cities even.

Now as far as what’s hot across online bingo sites today and till the end of the week lets have a look at some bingo promotions worth joining:

The week to Clown Around at Giggle Bingo

This week Giggle Bingo has a great promotion that is going on. It’s set to be a week of fun for all the members of this bingo site. Via the Clown around Giveaway you will see six days that will be full of prizes and surprise with all the bingo action that you can handle.

It will be going on all this week and last until November 13th. Though you’ve missed out on a few days you do still have time to play and get a share of the prize money and gifts that will be handed out. The total amount of the prizes that are going to be given out will be worth 3,880 pounds.

To get in on the fun you will need to be a member of Giggle Bingo. Once you’ve signed up you can log in on the site and head to those special clowning games. The games are going to offer a bunch of different prizes that you will be able to win. Plus each time you get a one line win you will earn a pound worth of player points when playing 90 ball bingo. For the two line win you will earn 2 pounds, and for that full house you are going to get 3 pounds in player points.

The cash that you win will be shown on your account immediately. There are many things that you will be able to spend that free money on, so check out the many games to decide where you may want to play that free money at.

Again you will need to be a member of Giggle Bingo to play but sign up and get that first deposit bonus of 200 percent. Plus if you’re new you will get a fiver free to use on the games you find at Giggle Bingo.

Looking back at some Mecca Moments

This wonderful promotion has come to an end. But there are many great memories that can be shared from the past Mecca Bingo Moments. Some very lucky people who won money during this promotion really are quite happy to share their experience with us all. Letting us know just how it felt to hit for a great amount of money. One thing you will notice is that all will most likely have reacted with a bit of disbelief at the win of 10,000 pounds during the Mecca Moments promotion.

First off let’s consider the lucky winner from Liverpool, who goes by the bingo name of XRAGS_2_RICHESX. Of course she couldn’t believe the big win and her heart was pounding as soon as she had only one number left to hit for that big prize of 10,000 pounds. She has always wished to get a car and now that she has won this money she will be able to get it. Saying that Mecca Bingo is a fabulous site and that it is the best bingo site to play at for all your bingo needs.

Next consider the West Midlands player who is known as Littledud, who came away with her own 10,000 pounds. As the numbers where being called it was her husband that was sitting there watching the game. When the numbers came up she actually thought she had only won 1,000 pounds, it was a huge shock when she found out the real amount of the win was 10,000 pounds. She’s not quite sure what she will do with the money yet, but most likely will use a bit of it on the holiday.

While the Cheshire player who goes by Xfoggyx unfortunately had to share his jackpot and only came away with 5,000 pounds. But that was really enough for him he was still quite happy with the win. He stated that his wife was most likely a bit more excited than he was. The timing of the prize was perfect seeing as how they had just had a second child and his wife was able to take more maternity leave.

The last big winner came in as Sminky50 and it was the first time she’d ever hit for a big amount in a bingo game. She’d been playing on Mecca for a long time and had actually just bought the tickets for the game the day she won. She couldn’t believe it when her number came up. They plan on buying a new car with the money that was won.

Fun is always happening at Tasty Bingo

That’s right at Tasty Bingo you’re always going to be able to have fun. Especially when you play on the weekends, because they like to bring out all the freaky fun during that time. Plus if you’re a new account holder you will get so many fabulous bonuses. But they don’t forget about the person who is already a member of the site either.

New members get a fantastic 200 percent bonus on that first deposit. So if you’re not a member of Tasty Bingo as of yet you should really think about it, if only to get that great bonus and your free money. Plus you have a lot of other bonuses that you will get once you’re a member of Tasty Bingo. In fact on that first deposit too you can earn an extra 5 pounds just by placing in the right promotion code, and that code is “TREAT”.

Also remember that at Tasty Bingo you get to pick a welcome gift once you’ve placed at least 30 pounds on your account. You can pick from Chocolate, money or wine. So whatever you’re fancy is you will be able to decide once you’ve placed that 30 pounds on your account. This is just another way that Tasty Bingo thanks you for joining their site.

The fun doesn’t end there and either does the free money. Because on your second deposit you’re going to get a match of 100 percent as well, when you place at 10 pounds down. Use that promotion code from above to get that money.

Be sure to check out the many fabulous promotions at Tasty Bingo by going over to the promotions page and see what all is going on.

Free Bingo at Mirror Bingo

Looking for great bingo deals, you should seek those free bingo offers that are all over the place. The offers that will normally allow you to play bingo for free once you have joined a bingo site and placed money on your account. Mirror Bingo is a great spot for free bingo. In fact when you sign up for that account as a new member they will give you 10 pounds of free credit to play bingo.

This offer is something that will not be lasting forever, so if you want to get some free bingo you’ll have to go now to Mirror Bingo. They have plenty of fabulous games for you to pick from to play and possibly win even more money to go onto your account.

They also have many offers that are going on right now and they are even prepping for Christmas with some of those wonderful bingo promotions. To see all the different promotions at Mirror Bingo just head on over and check on the tab that says promotions. This will allow you to learn all you need to know.

Don’t forget that with a new account you will be getting 10 pounds in free bingo credit to play those many games. So look around and decide what games you want to try out with your free money.

Also remember that most bingo sites have a reward for referring friends to their site. Mirror Bingo is no different so if you love the site once you get over there make sure to tell your friends so you can earn even more things for free from Mirror Bingo.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 11, 2010