South Beach BingoSouth Beach Bingo is the online bingo destination where the sun never stops shining, and the winnings never stop piling into your account. It’s seven day a week fun, beginning every Monday.

Grab your popcorn and be at South Beach Bingo for Monday at the Movies. Grab a seat and crank up the sound because you’re going to be blown away by this bingo online blockbuster. Games have an initial jackpot of $15, and there is an extra 15% pay out.

Ready for play time? South Beach Bingo host Toys for Tuesdays, which is your chance to kick back and release the kiddie in you. Look out for $100 jackpot games coming your way.

Which Way Wednesdays help you get over the midweek hump with higher and lower games and up to $100 in jackpots begging to be won.

The weekend is nearly here, so join the gang on Toughing it Out Thursdays — you made it this far, so see if you can bingo on the patterns to earn yourself a $25 jackpot.

Everybody gets a bit crazy at the weekend, which is why you need to be at Funny Farm Friday. Jackpots are topped up by 50%. One not to be missed.

Strap yourself into a space shuttle for Spaced Out Saturdays as South Beach Bingo boldly go into orbit for thrilling $100 jackpot games. And Shopping Spree Sundays make shopping a little more fun — bingo on the dollar-related patterns to win big.

Ready to play? Then join South Beach Bingo now for your 100% deposit match, a host of brilliant slot games and a $5 free trial.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on January 19, 2011