Valentine’s Day is one that should be spent at Sky Bingo, or at least get your tickets for this game. Even if you plan on heading out for a romantic night you won’t want to miss this chance. They have a 14,000 GBP guaranteed jackpot that will be played that night. The game will begin at 10:30 pm. And with that amount of money on the table, well it would be a shame not to take a chance to play. It so happens that it is the Bingolinx game and this is a special one for the day. There will be three wonderful chances to win some money from this game. For a one line bingo you will bring away 2,000 GBP, while two lines will be for 4,000 GBP. And that full house winner will get a wonderful 8,000 GBP. Hey any of those amounts are well worth the chance of playing.

You can log on right now and sign up for Sky Bingo and get your tickets now. Those tickets are only a cost of 50p each, and that isn’t bad. Buy more tickets to give you a better chance to win, you can buy up to 72 tickets. So buy those tickets and think just how you can spend that money if you win. Have your celebration the day after and buy something fantastic for your spouse and you both! Besides this chance Sky Bingo gives away a chance everyday for 8,000 GBP. So playing every day at this site is a great way to have fun. However, this shot is only for Valentine’s Day and the bingolinx game. So head over now and buy those tickets at a low cost of 50p each and have your shot at a share of 14,000 on the 14th!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on February 10, 2010