Wink Bingo seems to be having a ton of great bingo promotions lately. It’s no wonder; the online bingo world is one competitive thing. Bringing in more people to play on a online bingo site is the best way to success. So right now you have a shot to spin with Wink, in their new offer, going on until April 5th. A tournament game that you will be able to earn points during two weeks. The player who earns the most points during that time will be given the title of Come Spin with me winner. So you want to know how to get those points and add them up quickly? Of course you do!

Earn those points by playing bingo and instant games both. When you play bingo and win with the number 5 or 25 you can come away with 75 points earned. Winning on that pound sign pattern game will have you earning another 75 points. While each 10 pounds that you spend playing those instant games will get you one point too. The prizes that you can win for this tourney are great too, so you know what you are earning points for here is the list.

The first place person will be getting 250 pounds, while second place will also walk away with 200 pounds for their win. Third place will earn 150 GBP, and fourth will get 100 pounds for the points they have earned. While even those who come in from fifth to tenth will get money, each will earn 50 GBP. A great deal and now you see that even though you may not have enough time to earn points to come in first, you can still walk away with something great! Head over to Wink bingo and if you’re not a member you will need to join to be part of this tourney.

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on March 30, 2010