sun-bingoThis time of year is so busy it’s hard to find time to do much besides bake, buy, and set up things. Well than you have all those parties, either through work or with friends. It all makes for a super hectic time and days that are busy beyond anything imaginable. But Sun Bingo would like to give you a chance to have some fun with that bit of free time that you have.

They are offering all kinds of gifts, treats, bonuses, and so much more to people who stop by and play even if for just a bit of time. That first bonus will be matched up to 100 percent in cash that means you start out with double the amount of cash right off the bat.

In fact until the night of Christmas Eve you have many chances to win a lot of really cool cash and prizes. The only way to get qualified to get into these chances is by playing. All you need is to spend only 2 pounds of your money on bingo or 10 pounds on some slots. If you get drawn on that daily prize you may be able to win a PS3, LCD TV, or iPhone. And those aren’t all that is being offered either.

They are giving away twenty chances at 250 GBP too daily! Wow what a deal and some great ways that you can spend those free moments when you get them. Many amazing offers are going on at Sun Bingo every day of the week. So take just a bit of your time and head on over to check out the promotions pages. Besides that have a great time and be safe while shopping and enjoying the holidays.

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This news post was written by Christy Tanner on December 16, 2009