There are just so many bingo sites out there; you may not have checked them all out. But when you’ve missed Beacon Bingo you are missing a site that will offer you quite a bit of fun. Plus they do have some great promotions that you would be missing out on as well, if you were a member who played at this site.

They use Virtue Fusion so you should realize the terms and conditions are pretty decent. You’ll find busy rooms, but there is nothing wrong with that either. So decide on what type of bingo you would love to play, you do have several choices, like 90 ball, 75 ball and 80 ball bingo, but that isn’t all. Because you’ll also find speed bingo offered, and even some deal or no deal bingo that offers a fun way to play your online bingo.

If you are a lover of one of those types of bingo and can’t find it offered at many other sites, that’s just one more reason why you should get over to Beacon Bingo for some fun. There are four chances each week where you can use the super book bingo option. Here you’ll be able to change a free ticket into one you’ve paid for and make the winnings bigger!

Plus each Sunday night you’ll be able to play several free bingo games, they start the fun at 8:30 and you can play any of those types of bingo for free. Not a member yet, that first deposit is going to earn you 100 percent match. Plus each month you’ll find that fabulous linx game offered at Beacon Bingo and a shot at 10,000 pounds. For that game the money will be split as follows: the one line winner will earn 1,000 pounds, the two line winner will get 3,000 pounds, and the full house winner will earn 7,000 pounds.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on February 26, 2011