skybingoIf you’ve never been to Sky Bingo you might want to take a few moments and go there. See it’s one of the locations that is involved in that Bingo Linx games that go on each month. If you’re not really sure what that is, well let’s just say it’s a way that you can win a lot of money! That’s right each day at Sky Bingo they have 8,000 GBP that they will guarantee you can win. Every day of the week they have those Bingo Linx games that are going on, just head over to those 90 Ball rooms and you are all set to play.

Starting at 12 am each day you can win 1,500 GBP guaranteed, while at 6pm you have 2,500 that is up to be won. Finally at 10:30 pm you will have a chance to play for 4,000 GBP. And that is every day of the week again. The tickets aren’t much either only 50p, now what a great deal that is to win all that money!
While Sunday or more specifically the last Sunday of each month you have what is known as the Sunday Grand Slam. That is when at 10:30 pm you will be playing a game that is set at 10,000 GBP guaranteed!

Yes you can buy these tickets ahead of time, so get ready just in case you’re not going to be home. Don’t miss out on the chance to win all that money at Sky Bingo!
Plus an extra promotion you should know about is 4 x 1000 Houses Guaranteed. Those will take place on Sunday at the following times 8pm, 9, 10, and11pm. All taking place in the Anytime room.

Play at Sky Bingo Here

This news post was written by Christy Tanner on January 3, 2010