Well check out what Tasty Bingo and ITV are offering right now. The Daily Cooks Challenge is a great thing that you can find each weekday by going to ITV and seeing that great host Anthony Worrall Thompson. But that’s not all since this show is back on Tasty Bingo is helping to celebrate this news they are giving away 20 pounds. If you’ve never seen the show it will have two chefs who are the top in the world and they will compete to impress those judges. They will cook up some really fabulous dishes and even some that you have to wonder about. Each Friday they will let you know who the big winner is for the week. Some of the past chefs you might see are Jean Claude Novelli, John Burton Race and Gino D”Acampo.

A hit show among people who love cooking and others who just simple love the show. While Tasty Bingo is a big hit on the world of bingo online too! Check out those foods themed games that you can play at Tasty Bingo and you may win something extra. There are some chances that you may win a weekly prize too, where you will get a pizza meal for your family and all that goes along with it. Plus don’t forget that they are still checking out those Tasty Men in the area. It is thought that this will be ending quite soon and then we will all get to see who the best of the best of Tasty men are in each of those wonderful categories. Head over to Tasty bingo and get in on all the fun and promotions that they have going on right now!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on May 21, 2010