There is only one more chance at Sky bingo for that fabulous prize of 20,000 pounds. This guaranteed game will be happening January 29 and it will be played at 9:30. It was a wonderful chance that many people enjoyed thinking about this past month. With those tickets being sold at only 2p per ticket. You do have a chance still if you get there now and buy your tickets. But for this promotion it’s a sad one that is coming to an end. Of course Sky bingo will surely come up with yet another exciting promotion soon. You can buy 120 online bingo tickets for this game and that means you will only be paying out 2.40 pounds in a chance to win all that money. It’s a great deal, and one can understand why many players are sad that this is the last chance.

Even though this game is only being run one more time, that we know of. They still have many other great things going on at Sky bingo that should be looked into. Head on over and buy your tickets for that great prize while you’re at it too. Because if this is the last chance you might as well spend that 2.40 pounds to have your shot at winning 20,000 GBP! One of the best deals for promotions that has happened recently for these online bingo sites. Also be sure to check out all the other great games and offers that you can find at Sky Bingo when you head over. Go to the bingo promotions page and you can find out the other great deals that they have running currently. Hopefully they will soon bring back this great game too; we’ll be waiting to see!

This news post was written by Christy Tanner on January 28, 2010