Melina Bingo PromotionA few emails came in during the past month from bingo players telling us that they enjoy writing about bingo promotions and that they enjoy writing bingo news and bingo reviews as they were asking if we’ve got any vacant positions for writers or editors which could write some bingo news on a day to day basis and get a compensation for their help in running the site; I thought to my self twice before I closed the door to them but couldn’t really find any space to fit them in as the site is run as a sort of a family type business and we don’t really agree with hiring people to write about new bingo sites or new bingo promotions.

Anyhow out of the total of 3 emails that came one of them coming from a lady was very, very polite in her response saying thank you for responding; however she did ask me if I could tell her what the cost of running a bingo portal is and what the primary sources of income are; because of her mannerism I did decide to give her a heads up and when I did put the facts and figures on paper what I realized is that running a bingo portal is simply not something I would recommend as firstly its becoming very, very difficult to keep up with more than 500 online bingo sites and secondly the cost of running such a portal is just too much in relation to what you can charge an online bingo site for an advertising position while at the same time risking your sites reputation from a bad service offered by an advertised party.

If you have been thinking that bingo online is growing huge and now is the time to expand your horizons by putting your knowledge in to HTML and building an online bingo portal I am sorry to be the one to disappoint you by its just not going to be going the profit way in any case so you might as well think of something more creative and save your self the hassle of even thinking that your knowledge and your experience with bingo games can turn out to be a profitable hobby.

Point 1: Online bingo is classified as gambling; and that means the almighty Google Adwords will not allow you to place Cost Per Click adverts on your site, meaning that your stuck with basic affiliations with strong bingo networks that can in the long term bring some money back to you and pay the costs for your servers and maybe your efforts.

Point 2: Since online bingo is dominated with more than 500 real money bingo sites its only reasonable that there is around 5000 established online bingo portals that are currently doing what you though as an innovation.

Point 3: Search Engines wont help you as online bingo is once again considered gambling and any related keywords to bingo online, online bingo, bingo games are classified as high risk so trusted sites always have the lead till you can manage to prove your self with continous work for several years.

Point 4: Freebies don’t pay the bills ad your hobby might turn to be too expensive to keep up with. Out of the total number of online bingo players more than 80% are freebies, searching for either free bingo games, or free bingo bonuses; what this means is that you going to be having to pay for a server and the traffic load coming from real people but these people wont be converting customers to your advertised parties meaning that you wont be able to manage to generate nay type of real income for your efforts.

Point 4: If your not a designer, a programmer and good writer not to mention an individual with basic knowledge of SEO, your going to have to put around $1500 on the bill for a decent design another $1000 for a basic dynamic functionality and another $300 a year for a very, very basic server hosting. That makes us around $3k before you have even managed to buy your domain and enter your new site.


Bingo online is yesterdays news and its not a niche market for newcomers, Search Engines are capitalistic and they way they have been programmed to think favors older sites by giving them a bigger chance in ranking. If you got time an are willing to invest in something online; as a 10+ webmaster I would recommend you stay away from online gaming and go with something more steady and more long term. I hope I have just saved you $3k and a big headache.

As a final note I would like to explain that this site is operated from a webmaster, a web designer and a few bingo players that use to be chat masters at bingo sites we do what we do in house and we pay the bills and get some pocket money from real money bingo sites for our efforts; this site is been online since 2003 and its still not becoming big business; don’t let people brain wash you; find yourself something nice and steady to do as all of us running this sit all have other jobs and just run the site because we think its cool and have the luxury of not having to pay to update it or maintain it cool looking.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 22, 2010