75 Ball Bingo CardYou may have noticed there are two types of bingo websites. One requires you to download software and the other allows you to start playing straight away. So what is the difference between the two choices? Non-download bingo allows you to play online bingo without having to install or upload a certain program. This type of bingo allows you to play through your web browser (which is the program already on your computer that allows you to view the web, like Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome) using a type of program called Flash. Download bingo requires that you install a special program that the bingo site itself provides. Although certain types of programs and files take a long time to download, when you download bingo programs, it is often installed very quickly and easily in a matter of moments. Do not ever let the ‘download’ option put you off, because you could be missing out on a fantastic online bingo experience.

Many seasoned players prefer to download their bingo. Once you have the program installed, it requires less bandwidth to play. This is because you are not playing the game through the Internet — you are actually using a program that is now part of your computer. If you have a slow Internet connection, then downloadable bingo can be a boon, as it speeds up playing times and offers a smoother sleeker game. After all, why would you want your bingo games, and chat games to run slow? You could be missing out on some vital jackpot action!

Some of the more advanced online bingo sites, for instance, now offer 3-D bingo, which certainly require a download, but the added benefit is an exceptionally enhanced playing experience. Some of these sites actually let you become a 3-D human being, and you can walk around from room to room chatting with very realistic avatars. It literally adds a whole new dimension to the game that we love so much. Non-download bingo tends to be slightly more simplistic, which could be more appropriate for brand-new bingo players.

To be fair, there are so many wonderful online bingo sites out there, that you should certainly not let the issue of a tiny little download put you off a site. The companies that provide such services are highly regulated, and a download shouldn’t pose any problems on your computer at all. You could be missing out on a whole wonderful world of bingo action, for the sake of clicking a button and waiting for 60 seconds. So, to download or not download? We love BOTH.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on August 6, 2010