That’s right, right now, or actually soon at Sun Bingo you can have a shot at a ton of money. The money will be a jackpot that will be 150,000 GBP and that is one of those Super jackpots that would be something fabulous to win. Not only allowing you to pay off several bills, but to buy some things as well!

Sun Bingo is a great place to play, and they are always having some of the best promotions you can find around. This super jackpot is one of those that just shows you how much Sun Bingo offers their members compared to those other locations you find online. Sure you have many absolutely great promotions you can find around the internet, but well this one is simply a great one and a fabulous way to continue those summer days!

With this promotion you will find that there are going to be a total of six different jackpots that will all be worth 25,000 GBP, and they want that money won! So if you aren’t a member of Sun Bingo yet, well you better head over right now and join up so you get in on this offer. Right now if you are a new member who places a deposit on that new account, you will get a match of 100 percent. It’s a great way to add money into that account through these fabulous welcome bonus offers you will find all over the place.

Besides this offer at Sun Bingo you can check out everything else that is going on. Simply head over to that lobby and be sure to click on the tab that says promotions. It’s there that you will learn so much about those many promotions at Sun!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 29, 2010