There are just so many fabulous online bingo promotions that are currently going on at many online bingo sites; it is hard to mention them all. So a quick mention is the chance you have for the Rubik’s games that are currently going on right now at Virgin Bingo. It’s a great chance to win some money and have a lot of fun. If you love the Rubik’s cube you need to head over to Virgin Bingo and check out all these different themed games they currently have running.

First you have the Rubik’s Prize Draw that is going on. You have six different colored prizes that you can win. Celebrate with Virgin by winning money up to 500 pounds or some fabulous prizes too. Just spend 100 pounds on different games and you can get a chance in this drawing!

If that’s too much money why not play some of the bingo Rubik’s they have going on at Virgin Bingo. You can earn an extra bit of cash if you hit the full house during this game! While they also have the Human Rubik’s Cube that is going on. Just send in a picture that shows you with the six colors that are on the Rubik’s cube and you may win some money!

While Chit Chat Bingo is bringing in more people and promoting their page on Facebook. You can head over right now and become a fan of their page and win something really special. Like either cat food for a year or the same amount in cash! It’s a great way to promote their Facebook page and to allow you to leave some comments on the Like page too. So head over and see what you can learn about Chit Chat Bingo via their Facebook page!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on May 19, 2010