Plan ahead with Tea and Bingo

You know it’s easy for you to plan ahead when you play at Tea and Bingo. Because they have a calendar that will help you to know where and when you need to play or may want to play. Such as each Monday when you have tons of penny bingo offered. For the budget minded people out there Monday is a fantastic day to have a lot of fun, but not spend a ton of money!

Tuesday is the shot when you have the same chance as everyone else to win, with those Fair and Square games that are offered. Moving on to Wednesdays you have a shot at a big weekly game. Tickets are not expensive costing only 50 p per ticket, plus you have some fun quizzes that you can take part in that night too.

Getting past hump day you still have plenty of fun bingo offered at Tea and Bingo. Like Thursday where you can play in that Big money night offer. Here you have guaranteed prizes that will be offered from 8 pm until 11 pm. Ranging from 250 to 500 GBP and that isn’t a bad deal for a Thursday night! Get some team points earned on Friday night, in fact you can get triple team points that night.

Saturday is the day of BOGOF bingo and that means get more chances to win and not spend any more. Sunday is a great day for a bunch of free bingo that will last from noon until Midnight. A great way to finish off the weekend!

Of course you can’t forget about that Clover Rollover that is a game that you need to take a shot at each day of the week. The prize right now is close to 3.5 million pounds and well winning that would be a fantastic win!

New Ways to Play Bingo

New ways to play at 888 Ladies Bingo, new ways to play are always something that will be meant with great expectation from the many online bingo fans. And at 888 Ladies Bingo they offer a lot of new ways to keep you playing and having fun, plus many new ways to win a lot of money! In the form of seventeen brand new instant games even plus all the other things that they already have for you to play. This is most definitely on spot where you won’t have a lack of choices when it comes to picking a game to play!

Tons of scratch cards in many themes that you can play, like X-Factor, or what about some of those slot games such as Cleopatra Slots, or plenty of choices when it comes to bingo too, like 6 card bingo and so much more. Even a bunch of games that have a nautical theme if you love that type of thing, you can play something like Mermaid Magic or even Pirate Princess.

To play these games is simple you only need to have an account with 888 Ladies Bingo to play all these and many more games. To sign up isn’t a long process, and they will give you a free five pounds when you sign up, plus when you put that first deposit on your account, you get 150 match bonus.

Or if you enjoy some free bingo, you can have that all day long too, with cash prizes that are 10 pounds most of the day. While even one game that is played at 7 pm will offer a prize pool of 300 GBP, unless you’re playing on the weekend than that prize pool is upped to 500 GBP! Plenty of games to pick from and plenty of ways to win that’s what you’ll find at 888 Ladies Bingo.

New Games at Tombola Bingo

Roulette Bonanza at Tombola Bingo, It’s a Roulette Bonanza at Tombola Bingo, the launching of Bingo Roulette has been one that has seen a lot of big prizes being handed out at Tombola Bingo. So far there have been a total of 25 winners and they have gotten 10,000 GBP worth of prizes for almost every winner in that game. Now if that’s not a great sign of why you should play a game, well it’s a good sign! You could be like Fay who hails out of Gwent who took away 10,000 GBP and that was the first time she ever played. Or what about Emzyjozy who won 2,000 GBP when the number 13 came up, guess it was a lucky number that time! Or there was Jacknsam who took away another 10,000 GBP, or MrsBoggins who took away 500 GBP from the game. Plus now you have that Tombola Roulette chance too, it’s only been around 9 weeks so far and already there have been 3 million pounds worth of chips won!

Remember that you have those free fivers that you can get from the magazines around town, and that promotion is going on until October 28th. So you may well be like MrsBoggins who won using that free fiver! What about that Cinco game that has had several wins too? There have been two wins of 20,000 GBP recently too. There are 12 total rooms where this chance is being offered and the games will begin at a cost of 10 p per ticket.

Plenty of fun and don’t forget you have a shot at a bunch of money that will be handed out all week each week at Tombola Bingo. In fact they have seven days that they are guaranteed to hand out 10,000 GBP more in prizes on top of all the money they already give out.

New Bingo Sites

Get some money from Five TV Bingo, a fabulous site that will look quite familiar to those bingo online lovers out there is Five TV Bingo. It’s a location that will be using the Party Gaming software, like the one that you’ve seen at Party Bingo before. If you sign up today and place ten pounds of your own money on an account, they will give you 20 pounds free. A nice start on your account and giving you plenty of money to play a lot of games!

A site where the TV addicts out there will love to play their bingo. Head on over to that TV addicts game room too, where the end of the month is a great time. Well the last Friday of the month, so you have a bit longer to wait, but that’s okay, the prize is worth the wait. Because well coming up the last Friday of October you will be able to play in a game that offers a guaranteed prize of 2,500 GBP, it starts at 9:30 pm that night so be ready to play, mark it so you don’t miss it!

In between that time and now you still have a lot of games to play, and many of them are guaranteed jackpots too. There are plenty of coverall options with nice money to be won. Like a chance to win 1,000 GBP if you hit within the first 45 calls, or 500 within the first 46, for the first 48 calls you can win 250 GBP, and finally if you hit in the first 49 calls you can get 100 GBP. Those games are going to be in that Bingo Fiesta room, so don’t miss them.

Play some of those slot games on Sunday and you can earn more of those Five play points, in fact they are doubled on that day. Plenty of fun and the top player on each Sunday will be getting a bonus of 25 GBP in cash. Even if slots aren’t your game it may be worth a shot at that extra money.

Bingo Promotions at Virgin Bingo

Check out Celebrity Prize Race at Virgin Bingo, though you only have a few days left of this promotion it’s one that is well worth checking out. That Celebrity Prize Race started this past Monday September 27th, and the last day of this promotion will be October 3rd, this Sunday. But there are still plenty of those celebrity inspired prizes to be handed out, so why not try your chance and see if you come away with something fantastic!

It’s a simple enough promotion, though you will need to be a member of Virgin Bingo to play. But sign up and get on there and start to play some bingo in one of those 90 ball rooms. You have all the way until Sunday to get in on this race. So you want to know just what you may win for some inspiration to get over there right now and start playing. Of course you do so here are some of the prizes.

If you love Lady Gaga you’ll love that set of OPI nail polishes that were inspired by here, there are a total of 4 polishes in the set. However, don’t worry she may not be quite the celebrity prize that you would like to win. So what about a chance to win a 2 GB MP3 player? Don’t worry that’s not all that you have a shot at winning. You can check out Virgin Bingo to learn more about this promotion and what you may be able to win!

Coming up on Saturday you also have that X-factor free bingo time coming up. That’s right 2 full hours of free bingo. You will have to have that right code in order to enter the room, but just find that by going to promotions tab and looking at the Saturday tab, you’ll have a lot of fun!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on October 1, 2010