Red Bus Bingo PromotionsRed Bus Bingo give their players so many reasons to hop on board. Register today, and the first benefit you get is 200 free bingo cards, so you can play bingo online without spending a penny of your own money. This equates to £2, which in theory can be exchanged for 200 penny cards. And then, once you make your first deposit at Red Bus Bingo between £5 and £100, you get an opportunity to scratch the Red Bus Bingo scratchcard. Underneath that will lie a lucky bonus — this could be anywhere right up to 2000% of what you have deposited.

Red Bus Bingo is based on a London red bus theme, and so are most of the games. On the last Friday of every month, play the £2K Big Smoke game. With three lines needing to be covered, you have got a very good chance of pocketing a large amount of cash. Cover one line to win £350, cover two lines to win £650, and the full house pays £1000.

Tickets cost £1, and the game commences at 9:45 PM. So, make sure you see the friendly Red Bus Bingo conductor well in advance to guarantee you have got a seat saved.

Another outstanding game to look for at Red Bus is the £150 Oxford Street game. Buy your ticket to ride, and you could win £150 in highstreet and leisure vouchers. This game plays every other Tuesday at 8:45 PM in the £150 Oxford St room. Tickets to enter this one cost just 50P — miles cheaper than a trip into town any day.

So many exciting things going on a Red Bus Bingo — and look! Here it comes, chugging down your street. Hop on board — you’re about to take the bingo trip of a lifetime.

Limited free offer to sample new rooms at Ladbrokes Bingo

Ladbrokes Bingo are giving their roomies the opportunity to try any of their outstanding bingo rooms for free. You have until Sunday, 14 November to take advantage of this offer. The reason why? Ladbrokes are trying to encourage players who always play in the same room to try something a little bit different.

They say that there has never been a better time to try any of their different rooms than right now. Hosting six free games every day in a variety of rooms including the Lounge, Attic, and Bedroom, Ladbrokes Bingo are putting up a prize pool of £3 in each. You will also have the option to upgrade your free bingo tickets to Superbooks. This is where you pay a little bit extra, and potentially multiply your winnings by a serious amount.

Another reason to register at Ladbrokes Bingo today is to join in with daily penny bingo. If you’ve got some loose change left in your bingo wallet, climb up into the Attic, and get turning those pennies into pounds. Remember to join Ladbrokes (except Tuesdays) where you can work some serious magic with your moolah.

Also, don’t forget to look out for Laddy — their cute little Ladder mascot. He’s waiting for you to go and play bingo online at Ladbrokes, and he will give you a helping hand to enter any of the rooms you want.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 8, 2010