There are just times that you will notice an online bingo site just isn’t quite up to all the others that are out there. Most of the time it will be due to the software that they are using. For this reason Virgin Bingo recently took on a new partner in the software part of their site. It is something that was really needed, because well the site was missing a lot. However it is now one that will be able to bring you a great amount of games. Plus it has been spiced up and looks a lot better. Offering you new bingo promotions that will run weekly is only part of the new software that they have brought in. This week it happens to be about the fruit and feeling a bit fruity. You can actually choose the prize that is guaranteed in your games. Something that we have never heard of from another site. And well this could be a great promotion for them, something that will bring in many people.

Depending on the amount you spend on the online bingo games well you can get a lot of cash back too. An example is spending ten pounds can get you 2 pounds back. Or you can spend 50 pounds and you will get back 10 pounds. It’s the free bingo bonus offer and you can get up to 50 Pounds back if you spend up to 250 GBP. Not a bad deal, it will be going on until February 28th so get there and check it out right now. Those bonus amounts that you offer will be in your account by the 29th. So you do not have a lot of wait time. Unless you’ve looked at your calendar and you realize that there are only 28 days this month! Most likely it was a simply mistake and will be applied on the first of March instead. Get over and check out all those new changes that have taken place at Virgin Bingo.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on February 23, 2010